Gulfstream G150

Gulfstream G150 VIP Transport JetThe Gulfstream G150 is a super mid-size transcontinental jet built by Gulfstream Aerospace in its Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI) manufacturing facility in Tel Aviv.  The G150 project was first announced in 2002 and first entered service in 2006.

The Gulfstream G150 delivered more range with shorter takeoff and landing distances than what was originally promised and was the first Gulfstream to be certified by the FAA for stage 4, the most stringent noise standard in the industry.  Although no longer the fastest aircraft in its category (edged out by the Cessna New Citation X), the G150 holds numerous city-pair speed records demonstrating the aircrafts exceptional range and performance.  The G150 was awarded Robb Report “Best of the Best 2012” for midsize business aircraft.

The superb performance of the Gulfstream G150 is the result of the digitally controlled powerful engines, efficient aerodynamics, state of the art technology for the flight deck and other airplane controls.  This is one of the most fuel efficient jets in its category.

Gulfstream used an entirely new cabin design for the G150.  The cabin is 16 inches longer and a foot wider than its predecessor the G100 (Astra 1125).  It is only a few inches lower in height than the much larger G450 and G550 jets.  When creating the G150cabin, the design team from the G450 and G550 jet programs incorporated larger windows, luxury materials, and other technologies found in the larger craft.  The spacious cabin is finished in fine leathers, upholstery fabrics, wood finishes and floor coverings.   Passengers benefit from the infusion of 100 percent fresh air into the living environment to help inhibit jet lag.  All these elements work together to create an environment that delights and relaxes at the same time.

Technical specifications are as follows:

The G150 is equipped with two Honeywell TFE731-40AR engines rated at 4,420 lb thrust each.

Performance specifications are as follows:

The G150 has a maximum cruising speed of 528 mph (850 km/h) and a long range cruising speed of 494 mph (796 km/h).  The range with four passengers is 3,452mi (5,556km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The G150 overall length is 59 ft 9 in (17.3 m)  and height is 19 ft 1 in (5.82 m).  The aircraft has a wingspan of 55 ft 7 in (16.94 m).  The combined internal and external baggage compartments can hold 80 cubic feet.

Weight specifications are as follows:

The G150 empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 17,500lb (7,938 kg) and maximum takeoff weight of 26,100lb (11,839kg).   The maximum payload is 2,400 lb (1,089 kg).  With full fuel load, the payload limit is reduced to 850 lb (386 kg).

Internal specifications are as follows:

The Gulfstream G150 cabin length is 17ft 8in (5.38 m), height is 5ft 9in (1.75 m) and the width is 5ft 9in (1.75 m).  Gulfstream offers three cabin layouts to accommodate six, seven or eight passengers with a crew of two.   Floor plans may include a club seating for 4 with options of an additional 2 club (seats 6) or an additional 2 club plus divan (seats 6-8).


Gulfstream G150 VIP Transport Jet InteriorThis aircraft features a fully enclosed lavatory with sink, a galley for hot and cold food preparation, fold-out work tables and entertainment system headphones are available at every executive seat.  Luxuriously appointed leather seats fully recline and swivel, and have power outlets nearby.  Cabins also feature full entertainment centers, flat screen monitors, and other amenities.

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