Challenger 300

Challenger 300 VIP Transport JetThe Challenger 300 is Bombardier’s answer to the question of how to provide large cabin comfort and transcontinental range while maintaining mid-size operating efficiencies.  When other companies addressed the market niche (rather ineffectively) by retrofitting existing aircraft, Bombardier’s clean-sheet design delivered the goods.

Bombardier announced the project in 1999, naming the future aircraft as the Continental.  During development, the project was renamed the Challenger 300 to align the aircraft with its existing Challenger series of transcontinental aircraft.  As this was a ‘clean sheet’ design, it is not developmentally related to either the Challenger 600 or 800 series.  In 2003 the aircraft was certificated and it entered service in 2004.

As far as size, the aircraft fits between the Learjet 60 and the Challenger 600 series and the first aircraft were delivered in 2002.

The cabin of the 300 is exceptionally well designed.  Typical seating arrangements are for eight to ten passengers but even accommodating up to fifteen does not seem to crimp the expansive feel of the wide body and 6 foot ceilings.  The 300 is the first production business jet with the Lufthansa Technik Nice digital cabin-management and entertainment system as a standard feature.  The system offers a wide range of entertainment features including multicast streaming of HD content and full audio/video on-demand.  Moreover, you can access all the cabin, communications and entertainment devices on board the aircraft with a smart phone or tablet (iPhone®, iPad® and iPod® touch, etc.)

The Challenger 300 has a range of over 3500 miles when carrying eight passengers, a crew of two and full fuel.  That means you can fly non-stop across the United States including flying westbound against headwinds.  To achieve this range, companies and individuals had previously been resigned to buy much larger, less nimble jets.   Holding five records for transcontinental and trans-ocean flights, the consensus from multiple business jet reviews is that over the past nine years, the Challenger 300 has been the best aircraft in its class.

Technical specifications are as follows:

Challenger 300 is equipped with two Honeywell HTF7000 engines rated at 6,26 lbs thrust each.

Performance specifications are as follows:

The 300 has a maximum cruising speed of 540mph (869km/h) with an economical (long-range) cruising speed of 530mph (852km/h).  The maximum range is 3645mi (5866km) and the range with eight passengers and two crew is 3505mi (5640km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The 300 has an overall length of 68ft 7in (20.9m), height of 20ft 4in (6.2m), and wingspan of 63ft 10in (19.4m).

Weight specifications are as follows:

Challenger 300 has an empty operating weight of 23,350lb (10,591kg)) and a maximum takeoff weight of 38,500lb (17,463kg).  The useful load is 15,300lb (6,940kg) and the maximum payload is 2750lb (1247kg).  When carrying maximum fuel load, the payload is reduced to 1150lb (521kg).

Interior specifications are as follows:

The 300 requires a crew of two and the cabin can accommodate up to 15 passengers but the typical corporate jet seats eight to ten passengers in luxurious surroundings.  Typical corporate arrangement for eight is club seating for four in the rear with a two seat lounge opposite two facing seats in the front or a double club seating configuration.  The cabin measures 23ft 7in  with the seating area measuring 16ft 6 in.  The width is 7ft 2in and the height is 6ft 1in.  The interior baggage compartment can hold 105 cubic feet.


Challenger 300 VIP Jet InteriorThe 300 cabin features an aft full width lavatory compartment with full vanity and access to the walk-in luggage closet.  A galley and refreshment center are forward of the seating area.  All of the luxuriously appointed passenger seats recline, swivel, are fully adjustable and have individual AC outlets.  Dual zone air conditioning, LED lighting, and state of the art cabin soundproofing are all designed and incorporated to enhance comfort and ensure a relaxing and productive flight.

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