Super-Midsize Jet

Citation Sovereign Midsize Jet ExteriorChallenger 300 Midsize Jet InteriorCitation X Midsize Jet in Flight

AutAir’s fleet of  Super Midsize Jets are typically a great choice for longer flights, especially if travel requires a coast-to-coast route or when large and tall passenger accommodations are necessary.  Super Midsize Jets combine cabin comfort, with superior speed making long range flight capabilities rival large business jet aircraft in many ways, with a much lower price point.

Super Midsize Jets Options

A masterful aircraft for executive travel, specifically for longer-range flights. A step up from a medium jet allows more space and fuel capacity. Capacity to carry 8-10 passengers at an average cruising speed of 490-590 mph and average nonstop range of 3,400-3,600 miles which translates to a transcontinental flight range.

These midsize jets are an excellent choice for savvy travelers looking to go non-stop on the very popular north-south trips. As one of the most popular sized aircraft available, mid-size jets are small enough to be cost efficient, and are perfect for families or small groups looking to get away. Some of the Super Midsize aircraft include the Citation X, Lear 60, Beechcraft Hawker 900XP, Falcon 50, Challenger 300; as listed below.

Challenger 300
The Challenger 300 large jet provides transcontinental range with an exceptionally well designed cabin for ultimate comfort.  Seating arrangements are for eight to ten passengers and it has a range of over 3500 miles.

Citation Sovereign
Cessna Citation Sovereign mid-size business jet is the second largest jet produced by Cessna, and offers a transcontinental range of 3450 miles.  The jet seats 8-9 in executive style ergonomic seating designed for maximum comfort and productivity.

Citation X
The Cessna Citation X mid-size, transcontinental business jet offers a range of 3500 miles.  The fastest civilian jet in the world at .935 Mach, the Citation X carries 8-9 passengers in a cabin environment of luxury that you might not want to leave once you arrive at your destination.

Falcon 50
The Falcon 50 super mid-sized, transcontinental business jet was the first private jet on the market with intercontinental range. It can carry eight passengers 3,020 miles at a speed of .80 Mach.

Gulfstream 150
The Gulfstream G150 is a super mid-size transcontinental jet built by Gulfstream Aerospace.  It seats 8 and offers a range of 3400 miles. The G150 holds numerous city-pair speed records demonstrating the aircrafts exceptional range and performance.

Gulfstream 280
The Gulfstream G280 super mid-size, long range business jet seats 8-10 and offers a range of over 4000 miles.  Gulfstream’s newest aircraft in production, it has the latest advancements in technology, performance, and comfort to make it a best-in-class aircraft.

Hawker 1000
The Hawker 1000 super mid-size jet built by Hawker Beechcraft to expand the range offered by the Hawker 800. It was considered ahead of it’s time in its design, accommodations, and use of  technology.  The Hawker 1000 seats 8 and offers a range up to 4000 miles.

Hawker 4000
The Hawker 4000 is a super mid-size private jet with a range of 3600 miles. It offers a larger cabin than the Hawker 1000 without compromising range or economy. The cabin seats 8-9 and easily rivals the comfort and size of much larger jets.

Legacy 500
The Legacy 500 is a super midsize jet that seats 8 in the most spacious cabin in its class and offers a range of 3500 miles.  Designed in collaboration with BMW Designworks the cabin creates a feeling of tranquility and open space.

It is our mission to truly make the world more accessible to our clients and it’s our “elite” service, at our highly competitive rates, that strikingly sets – AutAir apart.

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