Learjet 45

Learjet 45 VIP Transport JetThe Learjet 45 is a twin engine mid-size business jet built by Bombardier Aerospace.  Its development was announced in 1992 and it was to be the first business jet designed entirely with CAD technology and manufactured almost entirely by computer-driven equipment.

The first flight of the Learjet 45 was in 1995 coinciding with the 32nd anniversary of the first flight of the Learjet 23 and FAA certification was granted in 1997.When designing and developing the Learjet 45, Bombardier successfully integrated new technology with proven attributes of older designs. The aircraft is powered by two FADEC-controlled Honeywell TFE731-20 engines, a version developed specifically for this airframe.   Pilots report that it handles extremely well, especially at cruise altitude, and the trailing link landing gear ensure smooth taxiing and landings.In size, the Learjet 45 fits between the smaller Learjet 31 and the larger Learjet 60.  Learjet 45 offers the midsize-cabin capability like you’d find in a Cessna Citation XLS or Hawker 800XP but with the operating costs of the smaller Citation Encore.  It has a 2,268 mi range at Mach 0.81 with four passengers on board but is distinction is in its cruise performance; it can complete a trip of 1,150 miles in about two hours and twenty minutes.In July 2002, Bombardier announced a twin launch to coincide with the 40th anniversary of the founding of Learjet: the Learjet 40, a smaller version of the Learjet 45 and the Learjet 45XR (extended range), an upgraded version of the 45 with greater range and performance than the 45.   Several service bulletins from Bombardier allow Learjet 45 owners to upgrade their aircraft with the engine configuration largely responsible for the improved performance of the 45XR.
Technical specifications are as follows:The Learjet 45 is equipped with two AlliedSignal TFE731-20 turbofans rated at 3500lb each.Performance specifications are as follows:The Learjet 45 has a maximum cruising speed of 532mph (857km/h) with an economical cruising speed of 507 mph (817km/h). The jet has a maximum range of 2301mi (3704km) with four passengers fuel reserves.  Typical range with four to five passengers and standard fuel is 2000mi.

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The Learjet 45 has an overall length of 58ft (17.7m), height of 14ft 1 in (4.3m), wingspan of 47ft 10in (14.6m) and wing area of 311.6sq ft (29.0m2).  The exterior baggage compartment can hold 50 cubic feet.

Weight specifications are as follows:

Learjet 45 has an empty operating weight of 12,750lb (5783kg)) and a maximum takeoff weight of 20,200lb (9,162kg).  The useful load is 7,650lb (3,469kg) and the maximum payload is 2900lb (1315kg).  When carrying maximum fuel load, the payload is reduced to 1650lb (748kg).

Interior specifications are as follows:

The Learjet 45 requires a crew of two and the cabin can accommodate up to 9 passengers but the typical corporate jet seats 8 passengers in luxurious VIP seats.  Seating arrangement is most often a double club configuration.  The cabin measures 19.8ft in length, 5.1 ft in width and 4.9ft in height.  The interior baggage compartment can hold 15 cubic feet.

Learjet 45 VIP Transport Jet interiorAccommodations:

The Learjet 45 cabin features a  full-width private lavatory, fully equipped galley, and fold-out tables.  The large VIP seats in double club formation have plenty of room to swivel, track and recline.  The learjet cabin is fully customizable so cabin other furniture configurations are likely available.  Other cabin features include entertainment systems, LED lighting, electrical outlets and separate climate controls for cockpit and cabin.

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