Learjet 40XR

Learjet 40XR VIP Transport JetThe Learjet 40XR is a twin engine mid-size business jet built in the US by Bombardier Aerospace.  The name Learjet tends to be synonomous with ‘speed’ to many in the industry and  Bombardier Learjets are known for their quick climb and high-altitude capabilities, high cruising speeds and short-field performance.

The 40XR is an upgraded version of the Learjet 40 and true to each Learjet evolution, it offered improvements in take-off performance, climb rates, and travel time.  The Learjet 40 was introduced in 2002 as a rebuilt Learjet 45. The fuselage of the 45 was shortened, and the aircraft received upgraded engines.  These changes offered a significant improvement in performance and range over the original Learjet 45.

Within two years, Learjet announced the Learjet 40XR, an upgraded Model 40.  This ‘extended range’ XR model could travel nearly almost 1000 miles farther than the 40 when carrying full fuel and six passengers.  The 40XR also offered higher takeoff weights, and faster climb rates and cruising speeds than its recent predecessor.

The cabin of the Learjet 40XR received a makeover as well with an additional 15 cubic feet of wardrobe storage, updated carpet and upholstery options, accommodations for entertainment systems and connectivity for personal electronics.

Technical specifications are as follows:

Learjet 40XR is equipped with two Honeywell TFE731-20-BR engines rated at 3,500 lbs thrust each.

Performance specifications are as follows:

Learjet 40XR has a maximum cruising speed of 515mph (829km/h) and service ceiling of 51,000ft. The maximum range is 1750mi (2816km) but with maximum passengers and payload the range is 1573mi (2531km).

Weight specifications are as follows:

The 40XR empty but fully equipped weighs 16,000lb and the maximum takeoff weight is 21,000lb.  The useful load is 7,300lb and the maximum payload is 2,050lb.  With full fuel load, the maximum payload is reduced to 1,925lb.

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The 40XR overall length is 55ft 6in and the height is 14ft 1in with a wingspan of 47ft 9in.  The external baggage compartment can hold 50 cubic feet.

Interior specifications are as follows:

The 40XR requires 2 crew and can accommodate six passengers in a club plus two arrangement.  The cabin length is 17.7ft, width is 5.1ft and height is 4.9ft.  Cabin compartments can hold an additional 15 cubic feet of storage.

Learjet 40XR VIP Transport InteriorAccommodations:

Interior accommodations on the Learjet 40XR include a full width lavatory with hot and cold water sink.  Executive style swiveling seats track side-to-side and have adjustable outboard seat arms.  Tables for work or dining fold out from the cabin walls.   Cabins have iPod connectivity and can be equipped with a variety of entertainment systems including XM radio, CD and DVD players and dual 12-inch cabin monitors.

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