Hawker 700

Hawker 750 VIP Jet TransportThe Hawker 700 is a twin-engine mid-sized jet which was originally developed and built by British Aerospace and is now produced by Hawker Beechcraft.  The Hawker 700 and its successor, the Hawker 800, are descendants of the HS-125 originally developed and flown in 1962.

The Hawker 700 was first developed in 1976 as the HS-125-700 and featured updated engines which improved range and fuel economy over the HS-125.  A number of variants were introduced over its eight year production lifetime with each model offering different improvements in aerodynamics, engines, avionics or interior design.  During those eight years, British Aerospace (BA) built 215 aircraft which included the original, the Hawker 700A and the Hawker 700B.  By 1984, BA announced that the HS-125-800, with its numerous improvements, would supersede the 700.

In 1993 Raytheon purchased BA’s Corporate jet division and to align their business jets with the Hawker brand, the HA-125-700 and HS-125-800 became the Hawker 700 and Hawker 800 respectively.

The Hawker 700 offers a luxurious interior design for eight to nine passengers and a crew of two.  The stand-up cabin is more spacious than many other mid-sized jets, extremely well-appointed, and features a number of seating arrangements perfect for work or relaxing.

Technical specifications are as follows:

The 700 is equipped with two Garrett TFE-731 turbofans rated at 3,700 lbs of thrust.

Performance specifications are as follows:

The 700 has a maximum cruise speed of  501mph (808km/h) with an economical cruising speed of 448mph (723km/h).  The maximum rate of climb is 3000 ft/min with a service ceiling of 41,000ft. The range with maximum fuel and reserves is 3250mi (5230km) and with 4 passengers the range is 2934mi (4725km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The 700 overall length is 50ft 9in (15.46 m) and height is 17ft 7in (5.36 m). The aircraft has a wingspan 47ft(14.33m) and wing area of 353 ft2 (32.8m2).  The baggage compartments can hold 40 cubic feet.

Weight specifications are as follows:

The 700 empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of  12,845lb (5825kg) and maximum takeoff weight of 25,500lb (11,567kg).   The useful load is 10,800 lb (4,898 kg) with a maximum payload of 1,850lb (839kg).  With full fuel load, the payload limit is reduced to 1,350lb (612kg).

Interior specifications are as follows:

The 700 cabin length is 21ft 3in, width is 6.0 ft and the height is 5ft 7.5in.  The cabin can comfortably seat eight to nine passengers with a crew of two although the corporate seating configuration is typically for seven to eight passengers.  The corporate cabin features two club arrangements but other options exist including one option with a three-person, fully berthable, side-facing divan.

Hawker 750 VIP Jet InteriorAccommodations:

The cabin features executive style leather seating that fully swivel and slide inboard,  indirect ceiling lighting, individual reading lights and power outlets at each passenger seat, full private lavatory, fold-out tables, a refreshment center and several storage closets.  Numerous options are available for additional cabin furniture and other amenities but no matter what the layout, you can be assured that AutAir’s Hawker 700 jets offer you an environment designed for maximum comfort and productivity.

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