Cessna Citation III

Citation III VIP TransportThe Cessna Citation III is a mid-size twin turbofan engine jet.  The Citation III was developed as a long range corporate jet to supplement but not replace the highly successful, smaller Citation I and II light jets in the Cessna family.  In 1969 Cessna launched the Citation I, and over the next 30 years developed a stunning array of highly successful additions to the series.

Where the Citation III was concerned, developers pretty much started from scratch, rather than using existing designs.   Development began in 1979 and included a fully redesigned wing optimized for high speed, long range flight.  The wing design has been incorporated in many successors including the V, VI, VII, Excel, and Excel XLS.  The new jet was also equipped with more powerful engines, and new fuselage and tail designs.

First deliveries of the Citation III were made in 1983 and shortly thereafter the aircraft set several class records for speed and climbing performance.  Now, thirty years later, pilots and operators agree that the Citation III is the private jet that strikes the perfect balance between cost, performance, and comfort.

During its production years the Citation III underwent several upgrades designated the IV, VI, and VII.  Only the VII with more powerful engines, and greater range and speed progressed to a full production model.  Even so, the Citation III continued through 1992 by which time Cessna had announced the Citation VII as the replacement.

The cabin of the Citation III was designed to provide its passengers with the experience of traveling in a larger, more expensive private jet.  The cabin can actually accommodate up to nine passengers in luxury seating although more typical layout is for six passengers with plenty of extra room for work or relaxation.

Technical specifications are as follows:

The Citation III is equipped with two Garrett TFE731-3B-100S turbofan engines rated at 3,650lb thrust each.

Performance specifications are as follows:

The Citation III has a maximum cruising speed of 543mph (874km/h).  The initial rate of climb is 3700ft/min with a service ceiling of 51,000ft. The Citation III has a range of 2699 mi (4348km) when carrying two crew and four passengers.

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The Citation III overall length is 55ft 6in (16.9 m) and height is 16ft 10in (5.12 m). The aircraft has a wingspan 53ft 6in (16.31m) and wing area of 312 ft2 (29.0 m2).  The baggage compartments can hold 61 cubic feet.

Weight specifications are as follows:

The Citation III empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 12,200lb (5,534kg) and maximum takeoff weight of 22,000lb (9,980kg).   The useful load is 8,300 lb (3,764 kg) with a maximum payload of 2,000lb (907kg).  With full fuel load, the payload limit is reduced to 971lb (440kg).

Interior specifications are as follows:

The Citation III cabin length is 18.7ft, width is 5.8ft and the height is 5.7ft.  The cabin is one of the roomiest in its class and can seat up to nine passengers with a crew of two although the corporate seating configuration is usually for six passengers.  The corporate cabin typically has four seats in club configuration with two additional forward facing seats in the rear.  Because cabin accommodations were made to order on the Citation III, buyers customized seat materials and configurations as desired.


Citation III VIP Transport InteriorThe Citation III cabin features innovative window design and indirect lighting to add to the spacious feel of the interior.  Each executive seat reclines, swivels, tracks inboard, and has fully adjustable armrests and footrests.   There is a private, full lavatory, refreshment station, entertainment center, fold-away tables and ample storage closets and cabinets.  Best of all, the Citation III cabin is extremely quiet with excellent environmental control to ensure your travel is comfortable whether you’re working or relaxing.

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