Cessna Citation Excel

Cessna Citation Excel Executive Transport JetThe Citation Excel  is a twin turbofan-powered, mid-size, business jet built by Cessna Aircraft Company.  The Excel is yet another member of Cessna’s great line of business jets which originated with the Citation I in 1969.

Many iterations since the Citation I resulted in larger, more powerful aircraft with increased range and capable of carrying a greater payload yet often while using less fuel.  The succession of models include the Citation II, Citation V, Citation Bravo, Citation Ultra, Citation VII, Citation X, and the Citation Encore.

The Excel was developed to succeed the high-end Citation VII and Cessna sought extensive customer and pilot input to reveal what they wanted in a light corporate jet.  In the design of their new aircraft, Cessna incorporated features of the Citation X which is the fastest civil aircraft in the world and features a stand-up cabin. The result was a totally new design which featured a shortened fuselage from the Citation X mated with the supercritical airfoil wing and tail from the Citation V.

The announcement was met with huge enthusiasm and confidence in the business jet community and by the time Certification was granted in 1998, Cessna had over 200 orders for their new aircraft.  By August 2000 the Wichita Kansas plant was producing a new Excel every three days.

The Citation Excel was eventually superseded by the Citation XLS and XLS+ models which are a direct evolution of the Excel rather than a completely new design.  The Citation Excel XLS and XLS+ feature new cockpit design with updated avionics and more powerful engines with FADEC controls.

Although the Citation Excel is categorized as a mid-size jet, its overall size and performance are reminiscent of other Citation jets in the light jet class.  The Excel is known by pilots for its reliable, pilot-friendly systems, excellent handling capabilities, and superb safety record.  Passengers recognize the Excel for its roomy, comfortable cabin and consistent experience of smooth, quick flights.

Technical Specifications are as follows:
The Excel is equipped with two Pratt & Whitney PW-545A turbofans rated at 3804lb each.

Performance Specifications are as follows:
The Excel has a maximum cruising speed of 493mph (795km/h).  The initial rate of climb is 3790ft/min with a service ceiling of 45,000ft. The Excel has a range of 2393 mi (3852km) when carrying two crew and four passengers.  The range with eight passengers and two crew is 1615 mi (2599km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:
The Citation Excel overall length is 51ft 10in (15.79 m) and height is 17ft 3in (5.24 m). The aircraft has a wingspan 55ft 10in (16.98m) and wing area of 370 ft2 (34.5 m2).  The baggage compartments can hold 90 cubic feet.

Weight specifications are as follows:
The Citation Excel empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 11,910lb (5,402kg) and maximum takeoff weight of 20,000lb (9,071kg).   The useful load is 7,650 lb (3,470 kg) with a maximum payload of 1,950lb (880kg).  With full fuel load, the payload limit is reduced to 910lb (413kg).

Interior specifications are as follows:
Citation Excel VIP transport interiorThe Excel cabin length is 18.7ft, width is 5.5ft and the height is 5.7ft.  The cabin is one of the roomiest in its class and can seat up to ten passengers with a crew of two although the corporate seating configuration is typically for six to eight passengers.  The corporate cabin typically has four seats in club configuration with two additional forward facing seats in the rear.  There are a number of other arrangements possible including one option with a three-person, fully berthable divan.

The cabin features executive style leather seating,  indirect ceiling lighting, individual reading lights and power outlets at each passenger seat, full private lavatory with hot and cold water sink, fold-out tables, a refreshment center and several storage closets.  Numerous options are available for additional cabin furniture and other amenities but no matter what the layout, you can be assured that AutAir’s Citation Excel jets offer you an environment designed for maximum comfort and productivity.

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