Astra 1125 Astra SPX

IAI Astra VIP Transport JetThe Astra 1125 is a mid-size twin engine jet manufactured by Israel Aircraft Industries.  Only five years after introducing the Westwind 1124, IAI launched the Astra 1125 as an upgraded development of the Westwind with improved performance and a larger cabin.

The first deliveries of the Astra were in 1986 but over the next few years IAI continued to develop and introduce additional upgraded models, notably the Astra SP and Astra SPX.

In 1989 the Astra SP was announced as the replacement for the original Astra 1125.  By 1994 the SPX was introduced as the replacement for the SP.  Gulfstream eventually acquired the SPX design in 2001 the Astra was designated G100 as a part of the Gulfstream family of jets.  The G100 is built in Israel by IAI and the airframes are flown to Lincoln, Nebraska for interior outfitting.

The Astra SP design started with the Westwind fuselage but received an all new wing design with improved performance.  In addition, the wing was re-positioned lower on the reshaped fuselage creating more cabin space and headroom. The nose was lengthened to increase space for avionics and the engineers used composite materials wherever possible for greater strength at less weight.

The Astra SPX was introduced as a replacement for the SP and featured new engines and winglets giving it greater speed and range than its predecessors.  It has a distinctive rectangular fuselage which provides for a roomy cabin.  The aircraft is constructed primarily of aluminum monocoque which is a structural design that lends support from the aircraft skin – rather than a heavier internal frame.

The original Astra remains a great mid-size business jet and its successors the SP, SPX and ultimately the G100 continue to offer the speed, range, and excellent passenger accommodations expected of a mid-size jet in its class.

Technical specifications are as follows:
1125 is equipped with two Garrett TFE731-3B-100G turbofans rated at 3650lb each.
SPX  is equipped with two Honeywell TFE731-40R-200Gs rated at 4250lb each.

Performance specifications are as follows:
1125 has a maximum cruising speed of 535 mph (862 km/h).  The maximum initial rate of climb is 3560 ft/min with a service ceiling of 41,500ft.   The maximum range for the aircraft with eight passengers is 2186mi (3518km).

SPX has a maximum cruising speed of 555mph (895km/h) and a long range economical cruising speed of 497 mph (800km/h). The maximum initial rate of climb is 3805ft/min with a service ceiling of 45,000ft. The range with eight passengers and reserves is 2630mi (4235km) and with four passengers the range is 3399mi (5471km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:
The 1125 overall length is 55 ft 7 in(16.94 m) and height is 18 ft 2 in (5.53 m). The aircraft has a wingspan 52 ft 8 in (16.05 m) and wing area of 316 ft² (29.4 m²).  The SPX measures the same except the wingspan over the winglets is 54ft 7in (16.64m).

Weight specifications are as follows:
The 1125 empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 12,670 lb (5,747 kg) and maximum takeoff weight of 23,500 lb (10,660 kg).  The useful load is 10,425 lb (4,728 kg) with a maximum payload of 2,775lb (1,258kg).  With full fuel load, the payload limit is reduced to 1,060lb.

The SPX empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 13,700lb (6214kg) with a maximum takeoff  weight of 24,650lb (11,181kg).  The useful load is 10,700lb (4,853) with a maximum payload of 2,900lb (1315kg).  With full fuel load, the payload limit is reduced to 1,335lb (605kg).

Interior specifications are as follows:
IAI Astra VIP Transport Interior 1The Astra 1125 and SPX require a crew of two and the cabin is usually configured for six to eight passengers, although there is seating for nine.  The cabin for both models is 4.8 feet wide, 17.1 feet long, and a remarkable 5.6 feet high.   The combined baggage compartments can hold 64 cubic feet.  The seating is usually configured in a club-and-a-half arrangement although many other  variations and cabin furniture options exist.

Astra VIP Transport Interior with DivanThe Astra 1125 and Astra SPX feature executive leather seating, power outlets, fold-out tables, galley, and a full width lavatory with a skylight window and hot water sink.  Customized cabin interiors may include a two-seat divan, a fully berthable three-seat divan, additional refreshment center, entertainment center, or other amenities.  No matter what the layout, you can be assured that AutAir’s Astra jets offer you an environment designed for maximum comfort and productivity.

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