Medium Jets

AutAir’s fleet of Medium and Super Midsize jet aircraft may be the right choice for longer distances, such as coast-to-coast flights and or travel requiring larger passenger capacities. The Medium jet and the Super Midsize jets combine longer flight range capabilities, superior speed, and cabin comfort – that in many ways rivals larger business jet aircraft, but at a much lower cost.

Medium Jet Options

The most versatile aircraft of the fleet, offering the comfort of larger aircraft with the agility of smaller models, medium jets offer a best-in-class experience.   These jets typically feature seating for  7 – 9 passengers,  an average cruising speed of 510 – 590 mph and an average nonstop range of over 2,000 miles.

Some of the Medium aircraft include the Citation III, Lear 45, Falcon 50, Hawker 700 as listed below.

Astra/Gulfstream 100
Astra 1125 is a mid-size jet from Israel Aircraft Industries. In 1994 the jet was upgraded to the Astra 1125SPX and in 2001 the Astra was designated G100 as a part of the Gulfstream family of jets. The jet’s executive cabin is configured for 6-8 passengers and offers a range of 2600-3300 miles.

Citation Excel
The Citation Excel mid-size business jet is built by Cessna and seats 6-8 in corporate configurations. Passengers recognize the Excel for its roomy, comfortable cabin and consistent experience of smooth, quick flights.  Depending upon passenger payload its range is 1600-2300 miles.

Citation III
The Citation III was developed as a long range corporate jet to supplement the Citation I and II light jets in the Cessna family. It has a range of 2700 miles and the typical cabin layout is for six passengers with plenty of extra room for work or relaxation.

Citation XLS
The Citation XLS is actually an updated version of the Citation Excel and is one of the fastest jets in the Citation family. Its corporate seating configuration is typically for 6-8 passengers with a range of 1900 miles.  The XLS+ has a range of over 3500 miles.

Falcon 20
Dassault Falcon 20 seats 8-10 passengers in its corporate configuration and has a range of 2000 miles. It was produced for nearly 25 years and today remains a very popular and reliable aircraft still in demand by the civilian and the military communities worldwide.

Falcon 200
The Falcon 200 mid size corporate jet was introduced in 1979 as a longer range more powerful development of the Falcon 20. It seats 8-10 passengers in corporate configuration and has a range of 3000 miles. Owners and operators love these aircraft and take every opportunity to upgrade and enhance the aircraft systems and cabin interiors.

Hawker 700
The Hawker 700 mid-sized jet is produced by Hawker Beechcraft and offers a luxurious interior design for eight to nine passengers. It provides travelers a range of 3000 miles in an environment designed for maximum comfort and productivity.

Hawker 800
The Hawker 800 and 800XPr mid-sized jets seat 7-9 passengers and offers a range of 3000 miles and greater.  Travelers enjoy an environment designed for maximum comfort and productivity.

Hawker 800XP  850XP and 800XPR
The 800XP has proven to be one of the most successful business jets produced by British Aerospace and the the 850XP and 800XPR simply offer more of what pilots and passengers have loved about the family of jets for the last 50 years.  The jets seat 8 and offer ranges of 2700-3000 miles.

Hawker 900XP
Hawker is renown for the range and performance of its jets without compromising on the elegance and comfort held in such high regard by its clients. The Hawker 900XP carries 8-9 passengers in luxurious VIP seats and achieves trip legs over 3000 miles.

Lear Jet 40XR
The Learjet 40XR mid-size jet accommodates 6 passengers and has a range of 1600 miles.  The 40XR is an upgraded version of the Learjet 40 and like all Learjets is known for its quick climb and high-altitude capabilities, high cruising speeds and short-field performance.

Lear Jet 45
Learjet 45 mid-size business jet was the first business jet designed entirely with CAD technology and manufactured almost entirely by computer-driven equipment.  It seats 8 passengers in luxurious VIP seats and has a range of over 2000 miles.

Lear Jet 55
The Learjet 55 incorporates the most successful elements of its predecessors while introducing modifications to improve performance and the passenger experience.  The jet seats 4-8 passengers in a variety of configurations and offers a range of 2400 miles.

Lear Jet 60XR
Learjet 60XR mid-size cabin seats 6-8 and the jet has a range of 2700 miles. The elegantly appointed interior of the 60XR offers more of what corporate travelers appreciate and expect on long flights.

Lear Jet 85
Learjet 85 is the latest Learjet and is also the largest with the widest and tallest cabin ever offered by Lear.  This jet achieves ranges of 3000 miles and the executive cabin accommodates 6-8 passengers in ultimate style and comfort.

Legacy 450
Legacy 450 mid-size jet is revolutionary in technology as well as in aesthetic comforts.  The cabin seats 7 passengers and was designed in collaboration with BMW Designworks.  Even on trip legs of 2500 miles or more you are sure to arrive at your destination relaxed and refreshed.

It is our mission to truly make the world more accessible to our clients and it’s our “elite” service, at our highly competitive rates, that strikingly sets – AutAir apart.

Please note that AutAir does not require you to join any clubs, prior to flying with us. Please contact us today to inquire about how affordable booking a medium size jet can be.