Westwind II

Westwind II VIP JetThe Westwind II is a twin engine light jet produced by Israel Aircraft Industries (IAI).  The jet was launched in 1980 and it is the final model in a line of jets developed over the preceding twenty years.

The Westwind II traces its origins to the Jet Commander 1121, a jet designed in 1963 in the US by Aero Commander.  When Rockwell acquired the Aero Commander business, the 1121 was discontinued as Rockwell already had a successful executive jet, the Sabreliner.

Rockwell sold off the design to IAI in 1968 which produced it under the name Commodore Jet.

Israel Aircraft Industries bought the 1121 Jet Commander design in 1968, producing it under the name Commodore Jet.   IAI introduced a number of modifications to the fuselage, takeoff weight and wing, and launched the new model as the 1123 Westwind. In 1976, additional changes to the design were made as well as improvements to the onboard systems and IAI introduced the new model as the 1124 Westwind which was later renamed the Westwind I.  By 1980, numerous enhancements and upgrades to the engines, wings, and avionics resulted in the introduction of the Westwind II.   The model used the most advanced technology of the time and the Westwind II remained in production until 1987.

Because of its airframe makeover the Westwind II holds more fuel, has greater operating weights and enjoys better performance and range than its predecessors.  Although some consider it outdated, the Westwind II remains a frequent choice for the medium-range private jet passenger.

Technical specifications are as follows:

The Westwind II is equipped with two Honeywell TFE731-3-1G turbofan engines rated at 3,700 thrust each.

Performance specifications are as follows:

Westwind II has a maximum speed of 539 mph (868 km/h) and maximum cruising speed of 449 mph (723 km/h).  The maximum initial rate of climb is 5,000 ft/min with a service ceiling of 45,000ft.   The maximum range for the aircraft with four passengers and maximum fuel is 3343 mi (5385 km).  The range with maximum payload and reserves is 2,750 mi (4,430 km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The Westwind II overall length is 52 ft 3 in (15.93 m) and height is 15 ft 9 in (4.81 m). The aircraft has a wingspan 44 ft 9 in (13.65 m) and wing area of 308.3 ft² (28.64 m²).

Weight specifications are as follows:

The Westwind II empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 13,250 lb (6,010 kg) and maximum takeoff weight of 23,500 lb (10,660 kg).  The useful load is 10,300 lb (4,672 kg) with a maximum payload of 3,150lb (1,428kg).  With full fuel load, the payload limit is reduced to 920 lb (290kg).

Interior specifications are as follows:

Westwind II VIP Jet InteriorThe Westwind II is a two pilot jet and the cabin is usually configured for seven passengers, although it can carry as many as 10.  The cabin measures cabin measures 4.9 feet high, 4.8 feet wide and 15.9 feet long and the baggage compartments can hold 50 cubic feet.  The Westwind II seating arrangement is usually a four seat club plus a three-seat, side-facing divan.


The Westwind II features executive leather seating with individual power outlets, ,a galley/refreshment center, and a full-width private lavatory.  The three-seat divan is big enough to stretch out and relax and some aircraft also have entertainment centers with individual headphones.  No matter what the layout, you can be assured that AutAir Westwind II’s offer you an environment designed for maximum comfort and productivity.

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