Phenom 100

Phenom 100 Personal Jet VIP TransportThe Phenom 100 is a twin turbofan engine light jet introduced in 2008 by the Brazilian company Embraer.  Embraer is one of the largest aircraft manufacturers in the world and over its 40 year history, it has been involved in design, development, and manufacturing for commercial, agricultural, and private aviation.  The Phenom 100 was designed to be a high performance, premium comfort private jet and is described by its manufacturer as an entry level private jet with next generation technology.  The Phenom 100 along with other Embraer aircraft are assembled in North America at its Melbourne, Florida plant of components that are largely U.S. sourced.

In its first years, the Phenom 100 was placed in a somewhat arbitrary category of ‘very light jet’.  This term is not used in the aviation industry anymore; the preferred description being ‘personal jet’ or ‘entry level jet’.  No matter how you choose to categorize it, the Phenom 100 is designed to delight pilot and passenger alike.

The Phenom 100 has an empty weight of just over 7000 lbs, and a maximum weight of just over 10,000 lbs; that’s several thousand less than many other light jets in its class.  Powered by two Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617-F turbofan engines rated at 1,695 lb thrust each, it can take off in only 3100-3400 feet enabling it to operate out of very short airfields.

It is designed to be single pilot operated and features the Prodigy Flight Deck 100.  The result has been described by many pilots as the most highly intuitive and professional cockpit available among entry-level jets.

The cabin is surprising for its size and aesthetically pleasing as well.  There is seating for four in large leather VIP seats in club configuration, with well-positioned windows to provide natural light.  Also featuring a small galley, a fully enclosed lavatory, and attractive wood finishing throughout, this jet offers the capabilities and environment characteristic of a class higher, but with all the benefits unique to such a very light jet .

Technical specifications are as follows:

The Phenom 100 has Pratt & Whitney Canada PW617F-E turbofans rated at 1,695 lb each.

Performance specifications are as follows:

Phenom 100 has a maximum cruising speed of ,449 mph (722 km/h) with a service ceiling of 41,000 ft.  With four passengers and fuel reserves, the maximum range for the aircraft is 1355mi (2,182 km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The Phenom 100 measures 42 ft 1 in (12.80 m) in length and 14 ft 3 in (4.4 m) in height.  Its wingspan is 40 ft 4 in (12.30 m) and total wing area is 160 sq ft.

Weight specifications are as follows:

The Phenom 100 empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 7,132 lb (3,235 kg) and maximum takeoff weight of 10,472lb (4,750 kg).  The useful payload is 3,384 lb (1,535 kg) with a maximum payload of 1,312lb (595kg).  With full fuel load, the payload limit is reduced to 580 lb (263kg).

Interior specifications are as follows:

The cabin length is 11ft, width is 5ft 1 in and height is 4ft 11in.  The baggage compartment can hold 55 cubic feet.  The Phenom 100 typically carries 4 passengers plus a pilot but can accommodate 6-7 passengers by utilizing optional seating in the cabin plus one passenger in the cockpit with the pilot.


Phenom 100 Personal Jet VIP InteriorThe standard Phenom 100 features deep-cushioned, executive seats with personal air conditioning vents and power outlets, LED overhead lighting, two large retractable wooden tables, fully enclosed lavatory, and a small galley.  A recent feature that may be available is SMS text messaging through Garmin’s satellite link.  These features and other amenities were incorporated with the goal of making your trip as productive as it is comfortable.

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