Cessna Citation II

Cessna Citation II Executive Transport JetThe Cessna Citation II is a twin turbofan-powered light business jet built by Cessna Aircraft.  When the Citation II was introduced in the light business jet segment, it was a stunning success.  In the first few years on the market,  1,000 jets were sold and it continued to be manufactured for sixteen years thereafter. The Citation II remains Cessna’s best selling corporate jet to date.

In 1969 Cessna initiated the Citation line of jets with the Cessna Citation 500 and a few years later introduced the next iteration, the Citation I.  The most significant improvements in the Citation I  were the modifications in wing design, and upgraded engines.

The success of the Citation 1 prompted Cessna to develop a larger aircraft utilizing the same design.  By 1978, the company introduced the Citation II which featured among other improvements, an extended fuselage.  This modification added over 3 feet to the length of the passenger cabin and increased baggage capacity.  Other significant changes were more powerful engines, greater wingspan, and increased fuel tank capacity thus permitting higher cruising speeds and greater range.

Like the Citation I/SP variant developed for single pilot, Cessna also launched a single pilot version of the Citation II, the Citation II/SP.  These were developed to additionally compete with the corporate turboprop market which are primarily single-pilot aircraft.  In 1983 Cessna announced further improvements to the Citation II and introduced the Citation S/II.  The S/II featured an improved version of the II’s engines, and additional fuel capacity thus again increasing speed and range.   Other improvements were largely aerodynamic in nature.

The S/II remained in production until 1988, and the Citation II continued until 1994.  The Citation II was officially replaced by the Citation Bravo in 1997.

Technical specifications are as follows:

  • Citation II has two Pratt & Whitney JT15D-4 turbofan engines rated at 2,500 lb
  • Citation S/II hastwo Pratt & Whitney JT15D4B turbofans which are also rated at 2500lb but have important design changes which increase fuel efficiency.

Performance specifications are as follows:

  • Citation II has a maximum speed of 442mph (711km/h) with a maximum cruising speed of 432 mph.  The maximum range is 1930mi (3106km) and the range with four passengers and standard fuel is 1560 miles (2510km).
  • S/II has a maximum cruising speed of 462mph (746km/h) and an impressive initial rate of climb of 3040ft/min. The range with two crew, four passengers and reserves is 2000mi (3223km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

For both the Citation II and S/II, the overall  length is 47ft 3in (14.93m) and height is 15ft (4.57m). The Citation II has a wingspan of 51ft 8 in (15.9m) and wing area of 323sq ft (31.83m2 ) while the S/II has a longer wingspan of 52ft 3in (15.91m) and a total wing area of 342.6sq ft (31.8m2).

Weight specifications are as follows:

  • The Citation II empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 9500lb (4309kg) with a maximum takeoff weight of 13,500lb (6123kg).  The maximum useful load is 5200lbs (2358kg) with a maximum payload of 1200lb (544kg).  Payload is reduced to just over 200lbs when flying with maximum fuel load of 5000lbs.
  • The Citation S/II empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 11,200lb (5080kg) with a maximum takeoff weight of 15,100lb (6123kg).  The maximum useful load is 6300lbs (2857kg) with a maximum payload of 2200lb (997kg).  Payload is reduced to just over 200lbs when flying with maximum fuel load of 5000lbs.

Interior specifications are as follows:

  • The Citation II and S/II cabin measures 16ft in length, 4.8 ft. in width and 4.7 ft. in height.
  • II and S/II.  The baggage compartment capacity is 65 cubic feet in the Citation II and 76 cubic feet in the S/II.  The interior configuration is for a flight crew of two with up to 10 passenger seatings in the cabin (up to 11 for the S/II).  However standard cabin layout is for six to eight passengers in club seating.


Cessna Citation II VIP InteriorInterior accommodations on the Citation 1 include a full-width, private lavatory, club seating for 6-8, a small galley, and refreshment counter.   Other options with reduced passenger seating may include entertainment center, and work stations, or other amenities.

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