Cessna Citation Encore

Cessna Citation Encore VIP Transport JetThe Citation Encore twin turbofan is another in Cessna’s great line of business jets.  In 1969 Cessna launched the Citation I, and over the next 30 years developed a dazzling array of highly successful variants.

Many iterations resulted in larger, more powerful aircraft with increased range and capable of carrying a greater payload yet often while using less fuel.  The succession of models include the Citation II, Citation V, Citation Bravo, and the Citation Ultra which evolved into the Encore and Encore+ models.

The Citation Encore was developed as an upgraded Citation V, which was itself a stretched version of the Citation II series.  When the Citation V was developed in 1988, the fuselage was stretched an additional 20 inches over the Citation II and the result was a passenger cabin spanning nearly 17 and a half feet.   By 1994 the Citation V ws replaced by the Citation Ultra which featured more powerful engines and ugraded avionics suite as well as other minor modifications.

By 1998 the Ultra was upgraded as the Citation Encore.  The Encore, with its more powerful and efficient PW535 engines and redesigned wing can actually carry less fuel load and more payload than the Ultra while achieving a greater range.  The Encore can be single-pilot operated and pilots love the sleek simplicity of the avionics suite designed to improve hand to eye coordination and reduce fatigue.  The trailing link landing gear which was introduced first in the Citation Bravo, ensures soft landings and smooth taxiing and soft landings.

Passengers enjoy the spacious, luxurious feel of the cabin design with its seamless wall panels, mirrors, and indirect lighting.  The Encore received certification in 2000 with first deliveries occurring later that year.  Cessna upgraded the Encore to the Encore+ in 2006 with the addition of PW535B engines and updated avionics suite.

The Encore and Encore+ stand out by their versatility, ability to take off and land on short runways, fly long distances, carry a large load, and provide passengers with a luxurious travel experience.

Technical specifications are as follows:

  • Encore Two Pratt & Whitney PW535A turbofans rated at 3360lb of thrust
  • Encore + Two Pratt & Whitney PW535B turbofans rated at 3,400lb of thrust,

Performance specifications are as follows:

  • Encore has a maximum crusing speed of 494 mph (795km/h).  The maximum range with four passengers, maximum fuel and reserves is 1900 mi (2882km)
  • The Encore+ has greater range and can cover over 2000 miles with 5 passengers, crew and full fuel.

Dimensions are as follows:

For the Encore and Encore+ the overall length is 48 ft 11 in (14.91 m), and height is 15ft 1in (4.63m). The wingspan is 54 ft 1in (16.49m)  and wing area Wing Area 322 sq ft. .

Weight specifications are as follows:

The Encore empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 9977lb (4526kg).  The maximum takeoff weight is 16,630lb (7544kg).  The maximum useful load is 6,490 Lb (2,944 Kg) with maximum payload being 2,310 Lb (1,048 Kg).  Maximum payload is reduced to 1,090 Lb (494 Kg) with maximum fuel load of 1,090 Lb (494 Kg).  The Encore + has a maximum payload of 2,500lb (reduced to 1,200lb with maximum fuel).

Interior specifications are as follows:

The Encore cabin measures 17.3 ft in length, 4.8 ft. in width and 4.7 ft in height, and baggage capacity is 71 cubic feet (43 cubic feet exterior plus 28 cubic feet interior).  Maximum seating is for eleven but standard seating is for seven or eight passengers in double club formation.

Accommodations are as follows:

Cessna Citation Encore VIP Jet InteriorInterior accommodations on the luxurious Encore include a private lavatory, swiveling, fully reclining pedestal seats, large refreshment center, power outlets and AV jacks at each seat, and flat panel entertainment systems.

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