Cessna Citation CJ2

Cessna Citation CJ2 VIP JetThe Cessna Citation CJ2 is a twin turbofan light business jet in the Cessna CitationJet family.  Cessna first introduced the Citation business jets in 1968 and since then, a stunning array of very successful models were developed and produced until ultimately the CitationJet (CJ) series was announced in 1989 as the official replacement for the Citation series.

The Model 525 CitationJet was the first of the CitationJet series and was the basis for the later developed CJ family of light corporate jets, CJ1, CJ2, CJ3, CJ4 and their variants.   The CJ1 only made its debut in the late nineties yet in 1998 Cessna announced it was developing a stretched version of the jet.  This was to be the CJ2.

The CJ2 is not only a longer jet with a more spacious passenger cabin, it is faster and more powerful thanks to upgraded engines, and redesigned wings and tail.  Like the CJ1, the CJ2 incorporates a natural laminar flow wing.  The wing design was a four year joint venture between NASA and Cessna and the result was improved lift to drag characteristic and increased airspeed.  When designing the CJ2, the engineers stretched the wingspan an additional 35 inches.  As a result of these combined improvements the CJ2 boosted payload capacity, maximum take-off weight and maximum fuel weight. This translates to more flexibility in payload and greater range.  Notably, despite the greater payload, the CJ2 can fly 35mph faster and reach a range of nearly 1,700 miles with four passengers.  As with the CJ1 it is certified for single pilot operation.

Simply put, the CJ2 and the upgraded CJ2+ provide the comfort and sophistication expected in the CitationJet family, only bigger, faster, and flying farther than the CJ1.

Technical specifications are as follows:

The Citation CJ2 is equipped with two Williams Rolls Royce FJ442C turbofans rated at 2300lb thrust.

Performance specifications are as follows:

Citation CJ2 has a maximum speed of 481 mph (774km/h)and a maximum cruising speed of 460mph (741km/h).  The maximum range  with three passengers, pilot, max fuel and reserves 1740 miles.  With four passengers, the maximum range is 1650 miles.

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The Citation CJ2 overall length is 47 ft 8 in (14.53 m) and height is 14 ft (4.27 m). The aircraft has a wingspan 49ft 10in (15.18m) and wing area of 264.0 ft2 (24.53 m2)

Weight specifications are as follows:

The Citation CJ2 empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 9,700lb (4,400kg) and maximum takeoff weight of 12,500lb (5,670kg).  The baggage compartments can carry a combined weight of 895lbs.  The useful load is 4,975 lb (2,257 kg) with a maximum payload of 1,720lb (771kg).  With full fuel load, the payload limit is reduced to 695 lb (315 kg).

Interior specifications are as follows:

Cessna Citation CJ2 VIP Jet InteriorThe cabin length is 13 feet 7in, width is 4ft 10 in and height is 4ft 9in.  The lowered center aisle adds to a feeling of spaciousness and eases movement in the cabin.  The CJ2 may seat up to eight passengers with single pilot operation or seven with two pilots.  There are two flightdeck positions, one for pilot, other for a co-pilot or passenger. The main cabin seats six in a club plus two configuration with an additional side-facing seat in the forward cabin and the belted lavatory may also serve as an extra passenger seat.


The standard Citation CJ2 features  fully reclining passenger seats that track forward, aft and laterally, lavatory, refreshment center, LED indirect lighting, foldaway executive tables built into the side ledges, a storage cabinet next to the cabin door, interior baggage compartment, standard 110-volt power supply and available fax/data port.