Cessna Citation Bravo

Cessna Citation Bravo VIP TransportThe Cessna Citation Bravo is a twin turbofan-powered light business jet designed and built by Cessna Aircraft.   In 1969 Cessna initiated the Citation line of jets with the Cessna Citation 500 and a few years later introduced the next iteration, the Citation I which was followed by the Citation II.

In 1994, ten years after introducing the best-selling Citation II, Cessna decided to update the jet with new technology and the result was the Citation Bravo.   Although built on the same airframe, the Bravo sports two new Pratt and Whitney PW530A turbofans, and a state-of-the-art avionics suite.  The redesigned cabin interior has an additional interior shell of insulation to cut out low frequency noise thus ensuring a quiet, productive ride for all.  Another significant innovation is the trailing link system in the main undercarriage.  This design provides extremely smooth landing characteristics for the aircraft even over rough runways.

In all, the modifications resulted in a fuel efficient jet that had greater payload carrying capacity, and greater range, while requiring less fuel load than its predecessor and many of its competitors.  The first Bravo aircraft were delivered in 1997 over 300 more were manufactured through 2006 when the last Bravo came off the production line.

Technical specifications are as follows:

The Bravo has two Pratt & Whitney PW530A turbofan engines rated at 2,885 lb thrust

Performance specifications are as follows:

Bravo has a maximum speed of 442mph (711km/h) with a maximum cruising speed of 432 mph (695km/h).  The maximum initial rate of climb is 3195ft/min and a maximum operating altitude of 45,000ft.  Its range with four passengers and fuel reserves is 2187mi (3520km), and with maximum weight and full fuel the range is 2008 mi (3232km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The Bravo airframe is the same as the Citation II, with an overall length of 47ft 3in (14.93m) and height of 15ft (4.57m).  Its wingspan is 52ft 2in (15.90m) and total wing area is 322.9sq ft (30.0m2).

Weight specifications are as follows:

Bravo empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 8750lb (3970kg) and a maximum takeoff weight of 14,800lb (6715kg).  The maximum useful load is 5675lbs (2574kg) with a maximum payload of 1975lb (895kg).  Payload is reduced to 850lbs when flying with maximum fuel load of 4825lbs.  This is a dramatic improvement over the Citation II which can accommodate a maximum payload of 1200lb and only 200lb with full fuel load.

Interior specifications are as follows:

The Bravo cabin measures 15.7 ft in length, 4.8 ft. in width and 4.7 ft, and baggage capacity is 73 cubic feet.  The standard cabin has club seat configuration with a seven-seat layout; four club passengers plus three club passengers.  However, the cabin can be fitted to the operator’s specification, to accommodate more passengers (up to 10) or fewer passengers with additional cabin furniture.


Cessna Citation Bravo VIP InteriorInterior accommodations on the Citation Bravo include a full-width, private lavatory, a small galley, refreshment counter and a variety of interior storage solutions not typically found on earlier models, such as drawers beneath each of the seats and a compartment next to the lavatory.

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