Beechcraft Premier 1

Beechcraft Premier 1 VIP Transport JetBeechcraft introduced the Premier 1 twin-engined turbofan jet in 2001 as a competitor for the Cessna’s Citation CJ series.  Although positioned as a competitor, Beechcraft designed the plane ‘cabin first’ and created what has been an instant winner in its class on all the comfort and performance parameters that count.

The fuselage of the Premier is constructed of lightweight carbon–fiber honeycomb composite material.   These composites are much lighter yet stronger than aluminum and consequently, the fuselage is 20 percent lighter and interior volume is 15 percent larger than comparable aluminum structures.   At five and a half feet across and nearly stand-up headroom, the cabin is one of the biggest in its class; taller and wider than the Learjet 31A or anything in the Cessna CJ series.  In addition to the fuselage, Beechcraft utilized composite materials for added strength throughout the aircraft, including the flaps, ailerons, and horizontal stabilizer.

The cockpit features the latest Collins Pro Line 21 digital integrated avionics suite with LCD monitors that provide flight information and engine performance data at the pilots fingertips; a clear favorite among pilots for reducing their workload while heightening their situational awareness.  Its technological advancements, cockpit design specifically targeted at single-pilot certification, spacious cabin, and high performance give the Beechcraft Premier 1 exceptional flexibility across a range of missions.

Technical Specifications are as follows:

Premier 1 is equipped with two Williams International FJ44-2A turbofan engines rated at 2,300

Performance specifications are as follows:

The Premier 1 has a maximum speed of 530 mph (854 km/h)  and a maximum cruising speed of 519mph (835km/h).  Its maximum range is 1,726 mi (2777km).  With pilot, four passengers and max payload, the range is 1,645 mi (2,648 km).  The Premier I can take off in less 4000 feet and climb to cruising altitude in under 20 minutes when loaded with maximum takeoff load of 12,500 pounds.

Dimensions are as follows:

The overall length of the Premier 1 is 46 ft  (14.02 m) and height is 15 ft 4 in (4.67 m).  The jet has a wingspan of 44 ft 6 in (13.56m) and wing area of 247.0 sq ft (22.95 m²).  The internal and external baggage compartments combined can hold 77 cubic feet.

Weight specifications are as follows:

The Premier 1 empty but fully equipped has an operating weight of 8,600lb (3,900kg) and maximum takeoff weight of 12,500lb (5,660kg).  The maximum payload is 1,385 lb (628 kg). The maximum payload is reduced to 300lbs (136kg) when operating with maximum fuel load.

Interior dimensions are as follows:

Beechcraft Premier 1 VIP InteriorThe Premier 1 can accommodate seven passengers plus a single pilot.  More typically the aircraft is configured for 5-6 passengers in four club style seats, and one or two forward facing seats.   The cabin measures 5.4 feet tall, 5.5 feet wide  and 13.5 feet long.


Interior accommodations on the Premier 1 include a full private lavatory, executive style swivel seating (with the first four seats fully reclinable), independent dual-zone cabin climate control, fold-out tables, refreshment center, and several cabinet entertainment options to maximize productivity and relaxation on flights.

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