Light Jets

In this category of aviation, there are many choices and variations to choose from. The light jet holds 6-8 passengers and can often travel up to 500 mph and has a non-stop flight-range of approximately 2000 nautical miles. Perfect for discriminating executive travel usage.

As one of the smaller private jet travel options within the business jet family, these light aircraft are typically used when traveling shorter distances and have a more compact cabin than their larger counterparts.

Enjoy the many amenities found in our fleet of luxurious light aircraft’s; such as the Citation, Hawker, Lear Jet or one of several other choices that Aut-Air may have available at any given time.

When your air transportation requirements call for jet service, but on a smaller scale, our efficient “light” private jet service fleet is ready for you. AutAir’s Global Services has access to an unrivaled selection of over 10,000 private aircraft, worldwide. The large selection of aircraft inventory, coupled with vigorous competitive dynamics, guaranties the ideal aircraft will be made available for your next travel itinerary, at the most competitive rates available, anywhere.

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AutAir Jets has many different aircraft options available with seating plans that can accommodate up to 8 people in a variety of sitting configurations and flight ranges.

Let us help you choose the light business air charter plane – we will find the one that best matches your requirements.

Beech Jet 400
The Beechjet 400 is an ideal choice for corporate or individual travel. This efficient, spacious and comfortable aircraft seats 6-7 passengers in plush surroundings and offers a range of over 2000 miles.

Premier 1
The Beechcraft Premier 1 jet was designed ‘cabin first’ and has been an instant winner in its class on all the comfort and performance parameters that count.  Intended for shorter trip lets, it accommodates 5-6 passengers with range of just over 1600 miles.

Hawker 400XP
The Hawker 400XP is based on the Beechjet 400 but features numerous upgrades, design changes and a luxury standard interior.  The jet accommodates 6-7 passengers and can achieve ranges up to 2400 miles.

Citation Bravo
The Cessna Citation Bravo is a light business jet designed and built by Cessna Aircraft.  Updated from the Cessna II, the Bravo features greater range, payload, and an all new executive  interior which accommodate seven passengers on trip legs of over 2100 miles.

Citation Encore
The Cessna Encore stands out by its versatility, ability to take off and land on short runways, fly long distances, carry a large load, and provide passengers with a luxurious travel experience.  It can accommodate 7-8 passengers on trip legs of 1900 miles or more.

Citation I
The Cessna Citation I is one of the first  light business jets built by Cessna Aircraft. This highly successful jet served as the platform for a dazzling array of other light business jet produced by Cessna.  It seats 5-7 in executive style and comfort and has a range of over 1500 miles.

Citation II
The Cessna Citation II light business jet has been a stunning success for passengers and pilots alike with improved range, cabin size and interior accommodations over the Citation I.  It seats 7-8 in executive configurations and has a range of up to 2000 miles.

Citation Jet (CJ1)
The Cessna Citation CJ1 is the first in the CitationJet family from Cessna.  The CJ1 combines comfort, and sophistication with speed, simplicity, and short field capability to deliver exceptional mission flexibility.  It seats 6-7 passengers executive style and has a range of 1200-1400 miles.

Citation Jet 2 (CJ2)
The Cessna Citation CJ2 light jet gives you all the comfort and sophistication expected in the CitationJet family, only bigger, faster, and flying farther than the CJ1. It seats up to eight  passengers in executive comfort and can provide a range of up to 1700 miles.

Citation Jet 3 (CJ3)
The Cessna Citation CJ3 light jet offers increased size and payload capacity compared to the CJ2 without compromising range and speed.  It seats up to eight and the more spacious cabin with executive detailing ensures that every passenger can work or relax in total comfort on trip legs up to 2100 miles.

Citation Jet 4 (CJ4)
The Cessna Citation CJ4 light jet is the latest addition to the CitationJet family.  It is a stretched CJ3 with more power, redesigned cabin, and state-of-the-art technological advancements. The jet seats 6-8 and has a range of up to 2200 miles.

Lear Jet 24 Learjet 25
The Learjet 24 and 25 are light business jets for up to six and eight passengers respectively. In terms of speed, both Learjets outperform a number of their competitors and both offer important advances in power and performance. Depending upon passenger load, the jets have a range of 1400 to 1700 miles.

Lear Jet 31 Learjet 31A
The Learjet 31 is an eight passenger, high speed, light business jet with a range of 1400-1700 miles. Its rapid acceleration and response make it a favorite among pilots.  Its speed and accommodations will turn heads while getting passengers to their destination with passion and purpose.

Lear Jet 35 Learjet 36
The Learjet 35 and Learjet 36 light business jets are stretched versions of earlier Learjet models.  With plush seating for 8 and a range of 2500 to 2900 miles, these jets are acclaimed by operators and passengers as well for their range, fast cruise speeds, and efficient fuel consumption.

Phenom 100
The Phenom 100 is a high performance, premium comfort, entry level private jet with next generation technology. It seats four passengers in deep-cushioned, executive seats and has a range of 1350 miles.

Phenom 300
The Phenom 300 is a stretch version of the Phenom 100 but was designed to go beyond the successes of the 100.  It has a great reputation for its robust design, simple operation, and solid performance. It seats 7-8 passengers and has a range of 2200 miles.

Westwind II
The Westwind II is a frequent choice for the medium-range private jet passenger as it is one of the farthest reaching light jets available.  Cabin executive configurations seat 7 and the jet has a range of 2700 – 3300 miles depending upon the payload.

It is our mission to truly make the world more accessible to our clients and it’s our “elite” service, at our highly competitive rates, that strikingly sets – AutAir apart.

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