Legacy 650

Legacy 650 VIP Transport JetThe Legacy 650 is a long range, large cabin business jet designed and manufactured by Brazilian aerospace company Embraer.  Embraer announced the launch of its Legacy large jet program in 2009 as a complement to the already successful super-midsize Legacy 600.  The Legacy 650 was unveiled to the public in 2010 and was certificated by the FAA early in 2011.

The Legacy 650 features advanced avionics and greater range over the Legacy 600, capacity for 14 passengers, and improved capabilities at some of the worlds most challenging airports on their worst weather days.

The driving force behind the design of the 650 was the collective voice of Embraer’s customers asking specifically for a jet with increased range but retaining all the winning attributes of the Legacy 600.  The result was an aircraft with almost 600 miles greater range, more fuel efficient engines, the latest avionics and utilities for pilots, and an absolutely sensational cabin.

Rather than initiate a clean sheet design, Embraer started with the Legacy 600 and incorporated additional fuel tanks as well as other modifications. To accommodate the greater speed and weights of the new craft, the designers beefed up the wings, landing gear, windshield and other components.

Embraer chose the award winning Primus Elite cockpit for the Legacy 650.  The new panel gives pilots a host of new safety utilities including Honeywell’s SmartRunway and SmartLanding.  In reviews by pilots, the cockpit was aptly described as ruggedly built for the business of flying.

The transition from the cockpit to the cabin is remarkable and as much as the cockpit is designed for the business of flying, the cabin has been as expertly crafted for the pure pleasure of flying.

The cabin itself is remarkably quiet due to the noise reduction technology that Embraer co-developed with SMAC Aero of France.  This technology was initially introduced with the Legacy 500 and Legacy 600.  Stand up six-foot ceilings throughout permit ease of movement and the large baggage area in the rear is nicely accessible in flight.   The cabin is compartmentalized into 3 areas each with its own climate control, to increase productivity or ensure privacy as needed.  Seats in each section are most frequently arranged with fully berthable club seating Legacy 650 VIP Transport Jet Interiorsections, although combinations of side facing divans and fold out bed arrangements are available.  The galley is expansive and has all the appliances desired to prepare and serve multiple gourmet meals during long flights.

The Legacy 500 and Legacy 600 featured the Honeywell Ovation Select™ Cabin Management System to the great delight of its passengers and Embraer chose the new 2012 development of the system which features all the connectivity and every imaginable service that passengers may need to stay on top of business during their trip. Reduced cabin noise, state of the art Wi-Fi technology and passenger control units at all seats virtually guarantees an environment where passengers can work or rest as desired.

From the cockpit to the cabin, the Legacy 650 promises incredible range and unparalleled comfort.

Technical specifications are as follows:

The Legacy 650 has two  Rolls-Royce AE 3007A2 engines rated at 9020 lb thrust each.

Performance specifications are as follows:

The Legacy 650 has a maximum cruising speed 518mph (834km/h)  with a long range cruising speed of 487 mph (783 km/h).  With a crew of two, the range with 4 passengers is 4488 miles (7,223 km

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The Legacy 650 overall length is 86.5 ft (26.36 m) and height is 21.9 ft (6.76 m). The aircraft has a wingspan of 69.5 ft (21.18 m).  The baggage compartment can hold 240 cubic feet.

Weight specifications are as follows:

The Legacy 650 has a maximum takeoff weight of 53,572 lb (24,300 kg) with a maximum payload of 4,938 lb (2,240 kg).  With full fuel, the payload is reduced to 1,910 lb (866 kg).

Internal specifications are as follows:

The Legacy 650 cabin length is 42.4 ft, width is 6 ft 11 in  and height is 6 ft 1 in.  The cabin configurations may accommodate up to  thirteen or fourteen passengers with a crew of two.  A number of floorplans are available and include one or two 3-place, berthable divans with a number of club configuration or other paired seating options.


The Legacy 650 cabin features a well appointed lavatory (one of the largest in its class), and an optional additional forward lavatory as well.  The spacious, fully equipped galley includes an oven, refrigerator, appliances, large workspaces and multiple outlets. Large windows and LED lighting give the cabin a spacious feel and all cabin seats are fully berthable with in-seat monitors and landscape storage pockets for iPads.  Other amenities include Pod docking stations, Blu-ray players, XM radio, JetMap® high-resolution 3-D moving map, Wi-Fi connection with Swift Broadband high speed data, worldwide coverage for calls, e-mails, internet and instant messaging, iridium system wireless phone handsets, and multiple flat screen HD monitors up to 32”.

The Legacy 650 is a sophisticated business jet in the tradition of the Embraer Legacy family.  It offers premium comfort for its passengers and rugged, well-proven systems with a high degree of durability that pilots and operators love.

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