Gulfstream II

Gulfstream II VIP Transport JetThe Gulfstream II a high speed, long range twin engine business jet and the direct successor of the Gulfstream I turboprop.  The Gulfstream I turboprop was introduced in the late 1950’s by Grumman Aircraft Engineering Corp in Bethpage, N.Y.  The company was already renown for military aircraft production and the Gulfstream I marked Grumman’s entry into the business aircraft market.  The aircraft was actually named for the Gulf Stream, the current that flows along the coast of Florida, which was a favored vacationing spot for Grumman executives (

Encouraged by the great success of the Gulfstream I in the business aviation market, Grumman initiated development of a jet-powered corporate aircraft; the Gulfstream II (GII).  The GII was introduced in 1965.  Reportedly, no prototype G-II was ever built.   The first to fly in 1966 was actually a production aircraft.  Certification was granted in 1967 and deliveries commenced immediately thereafter.

The GII program produced jets throughout the 1960’s and into the 1970’s with the last GII produced in 1977.  Within a year, Grumman sold the company to aviation entrepreneur Allen Paulson and the company became known as Gulfstream American.  The new aviation company focused on developing the Gulfstream III (GIII).  In 1979 the GIII was introduced and it formally replaced the Gulfstream II.

Although a logical successor to the Gulfstream I, the GII was designed from the ground up.   With new engines, new tail, new wings, reshaped fuselage and a stand-up cabin, it bears little resemblance to the earlier turboprop.

Grumman developed several variants over its production life by the addition of winglets or tip tanks to improve performance or range.  Scores of special mission variants have also been developed post production by private owners as well as in the Military and Government sectors.   It’s not surprising for the aircraft to become popular projects even now since they are obtainable for less than $1 million on the used market.

Most of the GII avionic suites have been upgraded since its early years in the 60’s and 70’s so pilots experience anintuitive interface comparable to more recent model cockpits.  The cabin remains one of the largest available in its class and may be configured for 10-14 passengers in a variety of seating arrangements for business and pleasure.   Most frequent is an executive configuration of club arrangements, dining or conference arrangements and 1-2 divans.  In all cases, executive style seats are surrounded by cabin furnishings are finished in fine leathers, fabrics, wood finishes and floor coverings.

Technical specifications are as follows:

The Gulfstream II is equipped with two Rolls-Royce Spey engines rated at 11,400lb thrust each.

Performance specifications are as follows:

The GII has a maximum cruising speed of 581 mph (935km/h) with an economical cruising speed of 494 mph (795km/h). The range with max fuel and reserves is 3162 mi (5088 km).  Addition of tip tanks increases the range to 3830 mi (6163 km)  and addition of winglets increases the range to 3233 mi (5203 km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The GII overall length is 79ft 11in (24.36m) and height is 24ft 6in (7.47m).  The aircraft has a wingspan of 68ft 10in (20.98m).  The internal baggage compartment can hold 157 cubic feet and is accessible in flight.

Weight specifications are as follows:

The GII has a maximum takeoff weight of 64,800 lb (29,392 kg) and maximum payload is 5,456  lb (2,474 kg).  With full fuel load, the payload limit is reduced to 2,831lb (1,284 kg).

Internal specifications are as follows:

The GII cabin length is 39ft 3in (11.96 m), height is 6ft 1in (1.85 m) and the width is 7ft 3in (2.2 m).  The cabin is separated into 3 distinct areas and due to the high level of customization, there are numerous options for furniture configuration in each area.   Executive layouts typically include  forward four-place club, mid-cabin two-place club with credenza, and dual facing three-seat divans or single three-seat divan plus two-place club in the rear.


Gulfstream II VIP Transport Jet InteriorThis aircraft features a fully enclosed lavatory with sink, a large rear galley for hot and cold food preparation, fold-out work tables and entertainment center.  Luxuriously appointed leather seats recline and swivel, and have power outlets nearby.

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