Gulfstream Jets

The company that eventually became Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. originated at the Grumman Aircraft Engineering Co. which developed the Gulfstream business aircraft at its Bethpage, N.Y. facilities.  Grumman introduced the Gulfstream I turboprop in the late 1950’s.  The company was already renown for military aircraft production and the Gulfstream I marked the company’s entry into the business aircraft market.  The aircraft was actually named for the Gulf Stream, the current that flows along the coast of Florida, which was a favored vacationing spot for Grumman executives.  (

Encouraged by the great success of the Gulfstream I in the business aviation market, Grumman introduced its first jet-powered corporate aircraft; the Gulfstream II (GII) in 1966.  Since then, Gulfstream has turned out a dazzling array of mid-size and large aircraft of long range, ultra long range luxury jets with each one building upon the successes of its predecessor.

Today, Gulfstream jets are renown for their high performance, sophistication and comfort.  Clients have come to rely upon the spectacularly appointed living environments that meet the needs of the most demanding missions.  Other signature attributes of a Gulfstream favored by passengers include the large oval windows, 100 percent fresh air, and superb soundproofing which ensure travelers arrive at their destination relaxed and refreshed.

Aut-Air’s fleet of large cabin Gulfstream jets includes the full family of luxury jets, from the GII all the way through to Gulfstream’s latest offering, the magnificent G650.  We’d be happy to review the details of the Gulfstream jet options offered below – to determine the plane best suited to your individual needs.

Gulfstream II
The Gulfstream GII large cabin jet is the direct successor of the Gulfstream I turboprop. This aircraft pioneered the line of large cabin business jets from Gulfstream.  The cabin remains one of the largest available in its class and may be configured for 10-14 passengers on trip legs of 3100-3800 miles.

The Gulfstream GIII is the third generation in the Gulfstream family of large cabin jets.  The driving force behind designing the GIII was increased range and performance without sacrificing capacity or comfort. It seats 12 and offers a range of 4000 miles.

The Gulfstream GIV is the fourth generation in this Gulfstream family. In the GIV Gulfstream engineers incorporated key technological advances to create one of the first truly global business jets. The GIV (and G400) has one of the largest cabins in its class and is superbly crafted to accommodate 14 passengers in luxury seating. It offers a range of 4800 miles.

The GV is based on the GIV but was designed to achieve ranges over 7000 miles – unprecedented at the time of its launch. The development team garnered the Robert J Collier Trophy for putting into service the world’s first ultra long range business jet.  It seats 12-18 passengers in up to four distinct living areas.

The G350 can seat up to 16 and was introduced specifically for those who require ample seating and cargo space, but who don’t need long- or ultra-long-range capability. The range with eight passengers and three crew is 4372 miles.

Gulfstream developed the G450 as a lengthened G400 and some cabin configurations accommodate up to 16 passengers quite comfortably including berthing for six.  The G450 range with eight passengers and two crew is 5005 miles.

The Gulfstream G550 is the current version of the Gulfstream V. With an impressive range of over 7700 miles, it easily offers the longest flight range in its class. The cabin accommodates 14-19 passengers in four distinct luxuriously accommodated living areas.

The G650 is Gulfstream’s first completely clean-sheet design since the Gulfstream II. In this latest offering from Gulfstream, the cabin is loaded with all the technology and connectivity you’d expect to find in your executive office suite. The jet seats 14-19 and offers a range of over 8000 miles.

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