Global 8000

Global 8000 VIP Transport JetThe Global 8000 is the largest member of Bombardier’s Global family of high speed, large cabin, ultra long range corporate jets.  The Global 8000 was announced in 2010 and will not only be the largest business jet on the market but will offer the farthest range of any other corporate aircraft in the industry.  First deliveries of the Global 8000 are slated for 2017.

Bombardier’s Global family traces its roots to the original ultra long range Global Express jet introduced in 1993.  Over the ensuing 10 years, two new aircraft were introduced: the Global 5000, a shorter range aircraft, and Global 6000 which officially replaced the original Global Express.  The Global family now includes the original Global Express, the Global 5000, 6000, 7000, and 8000.  The 7000 is scheduled for deliveries in 2016, a year earlier than the Global 8000.

The Global 8000 can carry eight passengers and four crew a range of 9,000 miles at a typical cruising speed of .85 Mach (564 mph).  That’s roughly the distance from New York to Hong Kong — 1,000 miles over its closest competitor.  General Electric developed the GE Passport engines specifically for the craft and they are the most advanced and efficient engines in business aviation.  With the use of carbon-fiber casing and other weight-saving designs, they offer a whole new level of efficiency and environmental responsibility.

The Bombardier Vision* Flight Deck combines the best in advanced technology with outstanding design aesthetics.  Its design provides pilots with an unprecedented level of control and comfort.  For pilots, this means maximized completion of mission and minimized use of alternate destinations due to weather or lower visibilities, VFR-like operations in IFR conditions, enhanced situational awareness, and overall reduction of workload.

Bombardier Global family of jets have always been aircraft with outstanding cabin environments and exceptional amenities.  In keeping with this tradition, the Global 8000 interior has reportedly been designed with more global leader input than any other business jet to date.

Bombardier’s  three-zone concept is just one of the results of this extensive research of customer needs worldwide.   The cabin areas include a forward club seating area, a mid-section conferencing or dining area which can double as a dedicated office space to be closed off from the rest of the cabin, and an aft stateroom with its own lavatory and a permanent bed option giving it a private master bedroom feel.

The Global 8000 offers a new seat design for  unprecedented comfort over longer flights, an expanded  galley size, advanced lighting technology, and every inch of it finished with the finest materials, craftsmanship and attention to detail guaranteed to enhance your work, play, dining or relaxing.

Technical specifications are as follows:

The Global 8000 is equipped with two Passport 20 engines rated at 16,500 lb thrust each.

Performance specifications are as follows:

The Global 8000 has a maximum cruising speed of 590 mph (950 km/h) with a standard cruising speed of 564 mph (907 km/h). The range with eight passengers and a crew of four at standard cruising speed is 9,098 mi (14,631 km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The Global 8000 overall length is 101 ft 6 in (30.97 m, and height is 26 ft 7in (8.14 m). The wing span is 104 ft 3in (31.79 m).  The internal baggage compartment can hold 195 cubic feet.

Weight specifications are as follows:

The Global 8000 has a maximum takeoff weight of 104,800 lb (47,536 kg) with a maximum payload of 5,700 lb (2,585 kg).  With full fuel, the payload is reduced to 1,800 lb (817 kg).

Internal specifications are as follows:

The Global 8000 cabin living area is 50 ft 6 in (15.42 m) long with a height of  6 ft 3 in (1.91 m) and a width of 8 ft 2 in (2.49 m).  The cabin may comfortably accommodate up to nineteen but corporate configurations typically seat eight to twelve passengers. Standard seating is in a double-club configuration with a three-person divan.  All seats are fully berthable (fully reline and convert to a bed).  The aft baggage area is accessible in flight.


Global 8000 VIP Transport Jet InteriorThe Global 8000 cabin is equipped with the very latest in communications technology and a state-of-the-art cabin management system.  Features include an oversized, gourmet quality galley, two lavatories, a crew rest area and three individual, separable living compartments each with their own climate control. The rear stateroom features its own full-width, lavishly appointed lavatory and shower.  Amenities include cabin seats that are fully adjustable, trackable, and berthable, a cabin entertainment system with high-speed internet, satellite TV, LAN connections, scanner and fax machines, wireless phones, a multimedia system (including a multi-disc CD player, DVD players, and 3-D maps), and multiple touch screens to control the cabin’s systems.

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