Global Jets

Bombardier Global JetsBombardier’s Global family of  large cabin, ultra-long-range, jets traces its roots to the original Global Express jet introduced in 1993.  Global Express is considered by many to be the pioneer of the class of ultra-long-range private jets. Over the years following its introduction, four more aircraft were introduced including the Global 5000, a shorter range aircraft and the Global 6000 which officially replaced the original Global Express.  The most recently introduced aircraft,  the Global 7000 and Global 8000, are due for deliveries in 2016 and 2017 respectively are clearly at the forefront of business aviation.  As the world’s farthest-reaching business jet, the Global 8000  can reach just about any place on earth, from any other place on earth.  And the luxuriant, four-zone cabin of the 7000 offers 20 percent more living space than the current industry leader.

Most large jet cabins feature  multi-compartment configurations for privacy and productivity. Aut-Air’s Global jets cabin configurations typically include a forward seating area with executive armchair seating, a mid-section conference/dining area, and a rear private stateroom.

Bombardier states that Global leaders have always been their inspiration for the Global jets family and in this tradition, the aircraft have always offered outstanding cabin environments and exceptional amenities.  A 10-14 hour flight simply must not be an ordeal; only another productive day.  On a Global, it’s just that: a few hours of productive work, fine meals, entertainment, restful sleep, a shower, a change of clothes and you are ‘mission-ready’.

AutAir’s fleet of Global jets are the perfect choice to accommodate 8-12 passengers for flights of 4500-9000 miles.  We’d be happy to review the details of the Global jet options offered below – to determine the plane best suited to your individual needs.

Global Express
The Global Express is a high speed, large cabin, ultra-long-range corporate jet and is the first in what was to become the Global series of ultra-long range jets from Bombardier Aerospace.  The range with eight passengers and a crew of two is 4,598 miles.

Global 5000
The Global 5000 is a second generation in the Global series of ultra-long-range corporate jets. The 5000 was developed for people needing transcontinental and transoceanic range, but not requiring a flight of more than ten hours nonstop.  The cabin seats 8-12 and the range with eight passengers and a crew of three is 5,200 mi.

Global 6000
The Global 6000 is a second generation aircraft in Bombardier’s Global family of high speed, large cabin,  ultra-long-range corporate jets. It was developed as an improved model of the Global Express jet.  The range with eight passengers and a crew of two is 6,905 miles.

Global 8000
The Global 8000 is the largest member of Bombardier’s Global family of jets. First deliveries of the Global 8000 are slated for 2017 and it will not only be the largest business jet on the market but will offer the farthest range of any other corporate aircraft in the industry; 9,098 miles with eight passengers and a crew of two.

It is our mission to truly make the world more accessible to our clients and it’s our “elite” service, at our highly competitive rates, that strikingly sets – AutAir apart.

Please note that AutAir does not require you to join any clubs, prior to flying with us. Call us today to find out how easy booking a private jet can be.