Challenger 600 Series

The Challenger 600 Series of large cabin business jets is produced by Bombardier Aerospace.  A large cabin class jet reflects a passenger jet with intercontinental range as well as a cabin that allows passengers to stand and walk around inside.  The Challenger 600 series jets offer a range of 3000-5000 and the large sophisticated cabins provide all the space and amenities needed to work or relax during such long trip legs.

In order of development, the series includes Challenger 600, Challenger 601, Challenger 604, and Challenger 605.  As each successor was developed, Bombardier incorporated changes that offered greater range, capacities, and the latest amenities while preserving the spacious cabin for which the 600 series is renown.

The first Challenger was actually developed in the 1970’s by Learjet designer Bill Lear and was known as the LearStar 600.  By 1976 Canadair purchased the exclusive production, development and marketing rights of the design and rebranded the jet as Challenger 600.  The jet was certificated in 1980 and passengers were able to enjoy a true transcontinental range of an airliner with all the luxurious amenities expected in a sophisticated business charter jet.  Production of the Challenger 600 continued until 1983 at which time it was replaced with the Challenger 601.

Launched in 1982, the Challenger 601 features more powerful engines, and other modifications to the Challenger 600 design which make the 601 capable of transoceanic range. Over the production lifetime of the 601, a number of variants were introduced which extended range and increased operational weights. The incremental changes eventually led to the design and certification of the Challenger 604 in 1995.

The Challenger 604 is the third generation of aircraft in this highly successful series.  A number of design changes included structural changes as well as all new avionics give the 604 true transcontinental range for eight passengers at speeds in the range of .74 Mach.

The Challenger 605 is the latest addition to the 600 series.  It features the same engines and wings as the 604 but the designers incorporated changes to fuel tank design which afforded better fuel economy for long legs. The primary focus when developing the 605 was to bring cabin amenities and avionics to a new level of luxury and performance.

AutAir’s fleet of Challenger Jets are an ideal choice to accommodate 8-12 passengers for flights of 3500 to 4800 miles.    We’d be happy to review the details of the Challenger jet options offered below – to determine the plane best suited to your individual needs.

Challenger 600
The Bombardier Challenger 600 is the first in the Challenger 600 series of large business jets by Bombardier Aerospace. The Challenger 600 has a spacious and comfortable cabin that accommodates 9-12 passengers on trip legs of 3400 miles.

Challenger 601
The Bombardier Challenger 601 is the second in the Challenger 600 series of large business jets produced by Bombardier Aerospace.  The cabin seats 9-12 passengers and was designed with the primary goal of passenger comfort.  The Challenger 601 range is typically 3600 miles with some variants having a range of over 4600 miles.

Challenger 604
The Bombardier Challenger 604 is the third generation of aircraft in the highly successful Challenger 600 series of business jets.  The 604 seats eight passengers in style, sophistication, and comfort and can travel trip legs of over 4600 miles.

Challenger 605
The Challenger 605 is the latest addition to the Challenger 600 series of large cabin transcontinental jets produced by Bombardier.  With its range of 4600 miles and an executive cabin that seats 9, the 605 maintains all the praised features of its predecessor, while adding innovation and performance capabilities.