Large Jets

AutAir’s fleet of  Large Cabin Jets are an ideal choice to accommodate up to 19 passengers for long range or ultra-long range flights.  Among many users of business aviation the definition of “large” reflects a jet with intercontinental range as well as a cabin that allows passengers to stand and walk around inside. Most large jets offer a range of 3000-5000 miles non-stop carrying 4-16 passengers with the ultra long range jets capable of carrying these passengers non-stop on trip legs of 5000-7000+ miles.
Our large jets are known for their sophistication, comfort and productivity so your business needs can continue enroute as if you never left the office.  Cabins have all the space and amenities needed to work or relax during long trip legs and all of our ultra-long range jets have separate crew rest areas as well. You can expect to find seating areas configured with comfortable groupings of adjustable reclining chairs or divans and some jets offer a private, separate sleeping area or stateroom.  Our large jets are perfect for larger group, especially when you need to extend your non-stop reach.
AutAir Jets has access to a wide array of large jets for private charters including the Global 5000, Challenger 605, Gulfstream G550, Falcon 7X.  We’d be happy to review the details of the various large jet options offered below – to determine the plane best suited to your individual needs.

Challenger 600 Series
The Challenger 600 series of large cabin business jets is produced by Bombardier Aerospace.  The Challenger 600 series jets includes Challenger 600, Challenger 601Challenger 604, and Challenger 605. In each successive generation, Bombardier incorporated changes that offered greater range, capacities, and the latest amenities while preserving the spacious cabin for which the 600 series is renown.

Challenger 850
The Challenger 850 is perfect for the client who doesn’t require the range of the ultra long range jets, but who needs an executive cabin feel.  The 850 offers a range of 3200 miles and seats up to 16 passengers in one of the most productive and comfortable environments in which to work or relax.

Legacy 600
With the Legacy 600, Embraer delivers ultimate flexibility and performance with every detail considered to make your journey as comfortable as possible. Legacy 600 has a range of 4000 miles and can accommodate up to 14 passengers

Legacy 650
The Legacy 650 features advanced avionics and greater range over the Legacy 600.  The 650 has  capacity for 14 passengers, improved capabilities at some of the worlds most challenging airports and a range of over 4000 miles.

Falcon 900
The Dassault Falcon 900 trijet is a large cabin successor to the Falcon 50. The aircraft has an impressive range of nearly 4600 miles with 8 passengers and shows excellent performance on short runways as well.

Falcon 2000
Falcon 2000 is known for its excellent handling qualities, good short-field performance, and top of the line cockpit suite. It’s a favorite among customers for its superior cabin amenities. The range with eight passengers and a crew of two is 3450 miles.

Falcon 7X
The Falcon 7X large-cabin, trijet is touted by pilots and operators as the world’s most technologically advanced business jet and loved by passengers for the cabin technology and luxurious amenities.  The 7X seats 8-12 and has a range of over 6800 miles.

Global Jets
Bombardier’s Global family of jets are large cabin, high speed, renown for their ultra-long-range and performance. The family of Global Jets includes Global Express, Global 5000, Global 6000, and Global 8000.  These aircraft offer outstanding cabin environments and exceptional amenities for 8-12 passengers on flights of 4500-9000 miles.

Gulfstream Jets
Gulfstream is known for its dazzling array of large, ultra long range, luxury jets with each one building upon the successes of its predecessor. Aut-Air’s fleet of large cabin Gulfstream jets includes the full family of luxury jets, from the Gulfstream II all the way through to Gulfstream’s latest offering, the magnificent G650. These jets seat 10-19 and offer ranges of 3000-9000 miles.

It is our mission to truly make the world more accessible to our clients and it’s our “elite” service, at our highly competitive rates, that strikingly sets – AutAir apart.

Please note that AutAir does not require you to join any clubs, prior to flying with us. Call us today to find out how easy booking a private jet can be.