MD 902 Explorer

Private Corporate McDonnell Douglas MD902The MD 902 Explorer is a light twin engine helicopter designed and built by McDonnell Douglas Helicopter Systems.  The six-passenger MD Explorer cabin and baggage compartment is one of the largest in its light twin class.  The spacious cabin makes it superbly suited for rapid change from a six-passenger civil transport to Law Enforcement missions or Emergency Medical Services.

There have been two models utilized for civil transport, medevac, and law enforcement missions, the original MD 900, and its current successor, the MD 902.  Another model, the MH-90 is an armed version flown by the US Coast Guard until 2000.  The MD Explorer is currently certified for day and night VFR and single pilot IFR.

In 1989, McDonnell Douglas launched the development of the MD 900 Explorer and incorporated the Boeing NOTAR system in the design from its inception.   The NOTAR system is a patented anti-torque control that results in enhanced controllability, reduced external noise levels, and vastly improved safety in confined areas.The Explorer also features an advanced, composite five blade main rotor and carbon fiber tail and fuselage.

In 1997, additional improvements were introduced, including PW206E turboshaft engines, revised air inlets, improved NOTAR air inlet design and a more powerful stabilizer control system.  The resulting enhanced Explorer was designated the MD 902.

Technical specifications are as follows:

  • MD 900 Explorer has two Pratt & Whitney PW206A turboshaft engines which are rated at 550 shp “Shaft horsepower” .
  • MD 902 Explorer has two Pratt & Whitney PW206E or PW207E turboshaft engines which are rated at 572 shp “Shaft horsepower” .

Performance specifications are as follows:

Maximum speed of the MD 902 is 161mph with typical cruising speed being 154 mph (248 km/h).  The range for this aircraft is 337 miles (542 km) at 5000 ft and typical endurance for maximum range is 3 hrs.  The maximum rate of climb is 2250ft/min with standard rate being 1000 ft/min.  The service ceiling is 17,500 ft with a hover ceiling of 11,000 ft.

The MD 902 Explorer has Category A certification. This certification means operations can be carried out from confined or elevated heliports, one engine may be lost and the remaining engine provides sufficient power to enable the pilot to either continue flying or return to point of take-off.)

Dimension specifications are as follows:

  • The main rotor diameter is 33 ft 10 in (10.3 meters).
  • The aircraft length with rotors turning is 32 ft 4 in (9.85 m).
  • The  fuselage length is 32 ft 4 in (9.85m)
  • The height is exactly 12 ft (3.66 m)
  • The area of the main rotor disc is 899 sq ft (83.52 m2)

Weight specifications are as follows:

The weight of the empty aircraft is 3,375 lb (1,531 kg) and can accommodate 2,565 lb internal payload or 3,000 lb slung load (1,163 kg or 1,361 kg respectively).  The maximum takeoff weight is 6,250 lb (2,835 kg) (internal load), 6,900 lb (3,129 kg) (slung load). A cargo hook permits operations carrying a 3,000-pound external load.

 Interior specifications are as follows:

The MD 902 can accommodate 8 people including one pilot and the baggage compartment can hold nearly 11 sq ft of additional baggage.

ƒSeating options include six face-to face cabin business seats (2 rows of 3 seats) replacing the six standard cabin utility seats.  ƒAdditional options include four face-to-face cabin business seats allowing room for other cabin accessories or additional storage cabinets.MD 902 Explorer VIP Interior

Large selections of other optional equipment have been fully qualified to meet various operational requirements.

There are many interior configurations to the MD 902 Explorer but you can be assured that the Aut-Air fleet of helicopters are only equipped with the finest executive or VIP interior accommodations and are meticulously maintained to perform executive transport with elegance, comfort, convenience, safety, and security.

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