Bell Jet Ranger 206

VIP Bell 206 Jet RangerThe Bell Jet Ranger (Bell 206) is designed and built by the American rotorcraft company Bell Aircraft Corporation.   In 1960 the United States Navy, on behalf of the Army solicited aircraft manufacturers for proposals for a light observational helicopter (LOH).  Bell’s D-250 design was declared a winner along with a competing design from Hughes.  However, after a final fly-off during the test and evaluation phase, Bell ultimately lost the bid due to lack of cargo space and cramped quarters.  Additionally, its unattractive design led operators and observers to dub it the ‘Ugly Duckling’.

Having already produced prototypes, Bell went about solving the problem of making the aircraft more marketable to the aviation community.   The solution was a redesign of the fuselage and an expanded interior.  The result was a sleek and aesthetically appealing aircraft with an additional 16 cubic feet of interior space thus eliminating the cramped quarters and limited cargo space.   According to Wikipedia, it was a Bell executive who contributed to the redesign by sketching two lines which extended the fuselage to where it meets the tail.

The redesigned aircraft was designated as the Bell 206A, and named the JetRanger to distinguish it from the existing popular Model 47J Ranger.  The civil 206A was fully developed in 1966 and deliveries of the first production JetRangers began late in that same year.   Upgrades and modifications over the years have resulted in a plethora of Bell 206 models utilized in the corporate, rescue and emergency, police, and military aviation sectors today.

Aut-Air Bell 206 Jet Ranger aircraft are meticulously maintained and equipped for executive comfort.  It is one of the classic and most widely used helicopters combining  jet turbine engine reliability and affordability into one.  It is ideal for a number of roles, including passenger transfers, site inspections, aerial filming and photography, and sling loading.

Technical specifications are as follows:

206B JetRanger II  One Allison 250C20 engine rated at – 400 shp “Shaft horsepower” or 300kW driving a twin bladed main rotor and tail rotor.

206B3 JetRanger III  One Allison 250C20J engine rated at 420shp or 315kW driving a twin bladed main rotor and tail rotor.

Performance specifications are as follows:

206B maximum speed is 140mph (225km/h) with a maximum cruising speed of 135mph (219km/h). The initial rate of climb is 1540ft/min. The maximum range with standard fuel and no reserves is 436mi (702km).

206B3 maximum speed also 140mph (225km/h) with a maximum cruising speed 132mph (214km/h). The initial rate of climb 1280ft/min. Its maximum range with standard fuel and no reserves is 443 mi (732km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The main rotor diameter is 33ft 4in (10.16m). The fuselage length is 31ft 2in (9.50m) and aircraft height is 9ft 7in (2.91m). The main rotor disc area 872.7sq ft (81.1m2).

Weight specifications are as follows:

When empty but fully equipped the 206B weight is 1455lb (660kg).  The maximum takeoff weight is 3000lb (1360kg) with a maximum internal payload of 1400lb  (635kg)

When empty but fully equipped the 206B3 weight is 1635lb  (737kg).  The maximum takeoff weight is 3200lb (1451kg) with a maximum internal payload of 1400lb.

The maximum payload with external slingload 1500lb (680kg).  The baggage compartment can hold up to 250 pounds.

Interior specifications are as follows:

VIP interior Bell 206 Jet RangerThe Jet Ranger seats up to 4 passengers including a single pilot.  One passenger is seated up front with the pilot, and 3 passengers are in the rear side-by-side seating.


There are several styles of executive and VIP seating available in the JetRanger but you can be assured that the Aut-Air fleet of helicopters are only equipped with the finest quality interior accommodations and are meticulously maintained to perform executive transport with elegance, comfort, convenience, safety, and security.

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