Bell 430

Corporate Bell 430 Executive TransportBell’s 430 intermediate size twin engine helicopter is a stretched, more powerful development of the 230.  Bell initiated development on the 230 by upgrading the 222 with more powerful engines and other minor changes.

During development of the 230, some preliminary design work incorporated a 4 blade rotor and stretched fuselage.  Thus the development of the 430 began only shortly after the 230 was launched.  Bell ended production of the 230 in 1995, and 430 production began. Although initially designed for the civilian sector, the performance and flexibility of the 430 make it a popular choice for law enforcement and rescue missions as well.

The Bell 430 features a several improvements over the 230, the most significant of these being the four-blade, composite main rotor and the more powerful Rolls-Royce 250C40B engines which replaced Allison 250C30G2 engines.  Other changes included the stretched fuselage (44 ft instead of 42 ft) and choice of retractable wheeled undercarriage or landing skids. The longer passenger cabin in the 430 made each of the main cabin seat row accommodations more comfortable, expanded options for corporate configurations, and added flexibility for mission-specific cabin configurations beyond  corporate roles.

Technical specifications are as follows:

Two 250C40B engines driving a four blade main rotor with a two blade tail rotor.   Takeoff rated 783shp “Shaft horsepower” (584kW) and maximum continuous rated 699shp (521kW)

Performance specifications are as follows:

Maximum cruising speed at sea level (with skids or retractable gear) is 161 mph ( 260km/h), with an economical cruising speed 237km/h with skids, or 159 mph ( 256km/h) with retractable undercarriage.  The maximum rate of climb 1600 fpm with a service ceiling 18,340ft.  The maximum range with reserves and standard fuel with skids is 402mi  (644km), or with retractable undercarriage is 313mi (503km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

The main rotor diameter is 42ft (12.80m) and the overall length of the aircraft with rotors turning is 50ft 3in (15.30m).  The fuselage length is 44ft 1in (13.44m), and height to top of rotor head with wheels is 12ft 3in (3.72m), or with skids is 13ft 3in ( 4.03m).

Weight specifications are as follows:

When empty but fully equipped the weight is 5265lb (2388kg) with skids, or 5305lb (2406kg) with retractable undercarriage.  The maximum takeoff weight with internal load is 9000lb (4082kg), and the maximum takeoff weight with sling load is 9300lb (4220kg).  The maximum hook capacity is 1585kg (3500lb).

Interior specifications are as follows:

The cabin is easily entered through the wide opening passenger doors.   The cabin length is 7.7 ft, width 4.8 ft, and height 4.8 ft.  The baggage compartment volume is 38.8 cubic feet.

Typical passenger capacity is for 10 including pilot and passenger up front, with seating for up to eight passengers in the main cabin. Cabin seating options include standard eight passengers in 3 front facing rows (3 x 3 x 2), or corporate seating for 6 with one row of 3 facing forward and one row of 3 facing rearward. Additional corporate seating options include four or five passenger seating with one or two refreshment/entertainment cabinets. In medevac role, the 430 can carry one or two stretcher patients with four or three medical attendants respectively.


Bell 430 VIP InteriorThe large cabin windows afford each passenger a panoramic view and the LIVE(registered) suspension  ensures a vibration-free ride.  There are several styles of executive and VIP interiors available in the Bell 430 but you can be assured that the Aut-Air fleet of helicopters are only equipped with the finest quality interior accommodations and are meticulously maintained to perform executive transport with elegance, comfort, convenience, safety, and security.

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