Agusta 109 Helicopter

Agusta 109 Executive Travel Helicopter

Today, AgustaWestland offers the widest range of advanced rotor-craft available for both commercial and military applications. The A109C 8-seat civilian version incorporated many improvements including a greater transmission rating, fully redesigned tail, a new driveshaft for the tail rotor, composite rotor blades, modern avionics, and more powerful 250-C20R1 engines. In addition to executive transport the 109C is is used worldwide in offshore medevac, military, police and patrol roles.

The Agusta 109 is single pilot IFR certified and can perform Category “A” take-offs from elevated helipads.  It is valued by operators and pilots alike for its outstanding performance, reliability, high speed, and productivity.

Technical specifications are as follows:

  • Two Allison 250-C20R1 turboshafts which are rated at 420 shp “Shaft horsepower” or 313 kW for takeoff, 400 shp or 300 kW for maximum continuous operation.
  • For twin engine operation 346 shp or 260kW.

Performance specifications are as follows:

  • Maximum cruising speed is 177 mph and the standard operating cruising speed 144.78 mph.
  • The maximum initial rate of climb is 2110 feet per minute.
  • The Max range is typically 350 Nautical Miles or 402 miles with standard fuel (not including reserves).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

  • The main rotor diameter is just one inch over 36 feet which is 11 meters exactly.
  • The aircraft length with rotors turning is 42’ 10” or 13.05 meters.
  • The fuselage length is just 2 inches over 35 feet which comes to 10.71 meters.
  • The height comes in at 10 feet 10 inches or 3.30 meters).
  • The area main rotor disc is 1022.9 square feet. which is 95 meters squared.

Weight specifications are as follows:

  • When empty but fully equipped the A109C weighs 3126 lbs and has a maximum takeoff weight limit of 5732 lbs (loaded).

Interior specifications are as follows:

Augusta 109 Interior The A109C can accommodate eight people including one pilot and the baggage compartment can hold up to 300 pounds.  Increased internal volume is achieved through bulged fuselage side panels and reshaped fuel tanks beneath the cabin floor.  For medevac configuration and operations, the A-109 Max is configured with transverse stretcher arrangements and bulged side door panels. A-109 medevac aircraft models prior to the A-109 Max are based on the standard airframe.


There are many interior configurations to the A109C but you can be assured that the Aut-Air fleet of helicopters are only equipped with the finest executive or VIP interior accommodations and are meticulously maintained to perform executive transport with elegance, comfort, convenience, safety, and security.

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