Helicopter / Seaplane Service

AutAir’s Helicopter and Seaplane services are a highly versatile and adaptable air travel option. They are particularly ideal for certain travel needs. Private rental luxury helicopters are characteristically configured to accommodate 2-8 passengers.

We offer our clients access to the lowest prices on any private helicopter charters around the globe.

Agusta 109C
The Agusta 109 is an eight passenger twin engine helicopter with a range of 400 miles. It is renown for its outstanding performance, reliability, and high speed.

Bell Jet Ranger 206
The Bell Jet Ranger 206 is a four passenger, single jet turbine engine helicopter with a range of over 400 miles. The JetRanger is one of the most widely used helicopters in the industry today.

Bell Long Ranger 206L
The Bell LongRanger 206L is designed to be the ideal flying workplace.  It can carry up to  6 passengers in executive style seating for a range of over 400 miles.

Bell 430
The Bell 430 is an intermediate size twin engine helicopter with a range of over 400 miles. Its large passenger cabin comfortably seats eight in any of several corporate configurations.

MD 902
The MD 902 Explorer is a light twin engine helicopter with a range of 350 miles.  The spacious six-passenger cabin provides executive transport with elegance, comfort, and convenience.

Sikorsky S-92
The Sikorsky S-92 executive transport helicopter is the ultimate flying workplace.  It has a range of over 600 miles and features a luxury interior that seats 9-10 passengers.