Beechcraft King Air 350i

Luxury Beechcraft KingAir 350 Executive Travel to San FranciscoThe Beechcraft King Air 350 and 350i are the latest designs in a long run of Beechcraft turbine airplanes.  WIth over 40 years of heritage, its rugged design and robust systems make it one of the most dependable turboprop airplanes around. From the first King Air 90 that rolled off the production line to the latest King Air 350i, the King Air fleet has logged tens of millions of flight hours and over 6,000 have been built.

Development of the King Air 300 and later the 350 began in 1981 with modifications to the B200. These included installment of more powerful engines, reshaped engine air intakes, and redesigned leading edges to its wings which permitted a greater payload capacity on takeoff for essentially the same aircraft. The King Air 350 has since replaced the King Air 300.  The 350 was first flown in 1988, and has remained in production since 1989.

In 2008, Beechcraft presented the King Air 350i and other updated versions of the 300 and 350 series.  The King Air 350i boasted numerous improvements to the passenger cabin. Indeed, Beechcraft claims that noise levels and overall comfort of the turboprops in the King Air 350i series are now competitive with those of light jets.  Among other major improvements Beechcraft stretched the fuselage nearly 3 feet thus increasing cabin dimensions and baggage

As the greenest aircraft in its class, the King Air 350i is touted by its manufacturer to be the responsible, sustainable alternative that business aviation has been waiting for.  In fact, the King Air 350i can carry more passengers farther while using less fuel; a consistent savings for business. Moreover, performance enhancements and state–of–the–art design and represent new heights of power, comfort, and efficiency.

Technical specifications are as follows:

Two Pratt & Whitney PT6A60A turboprops rated at 1050 shp “Shaft horsepower” or 783 kW driving four-bladed propellers.

Performance specifications are as follows:

Model 350i has a maximum speed of 360 mph (580 km/h), and rate of climb at maximum weight after takeoff is 2730 ft/min or 3250ft/min at lighter weights.  The 350i has a maximum cruising speed 360 mph (580 km/h).  The range of the aircraft at maximum payload is 1090 mi (1754 km) however fewer passengers or less payload can more than double that to 2077 mi (3343 Km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

For both the Model 300 and 300LW, the length is 46ft 8 in (14.2 m), and height is 14ft 4in (4.37m). Wing span is  57 ft 11 in (17.65 m) and wing area 310.0sq ft (28.8m2).

Weight specifications are as follows:

When empty but fully equipped, the weight is 10,000lb (4536kg).  The maximum takeoff weight is 15,000lb (6804kg).  The maximum useful load is 5,100lb (2313kg) with full fuel load being 3611lb and payload being 2500lb (1,134kg).

Interior specifications are as follows:

The passenger cabin is 4.9 ft high, 4.9 ft wide, and 19.6 ft long. The baggage compartment area is 71.3 sq ft with a maximum baggage weight of 1,150lb (522kg).

Seating configurations include 8-passenger double club arrangement, 7-passenger or 6-passenger club seating with single or double ottomans respectively.

Accommodations:Beechcraft King Air 350i VIP Interior

Interior accommodations on the Beechcraft King Air 300 include luxury VIP seats with LED lighting and worktables at each seat, forward refreshment center, full private lavatory, entertainment cabinet with LCD HD monitor; power, iPod or iPhone dock, and  AV and USB hookups.

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