Beechcraft King Air 200

Private Beechcraft King Air 200The Beechcraft King Air 200 twin turboprop light transport that was launched in 1972.  The King Air 200 is a continuation of the King Air 90 and 100 series, both highly successful and popular aircraft in their class.  Since its certification in 1973, it has gone on to become the most successful aircraft in its class.

The King Air 200 has outperformed and outlasted its earlier rivals, the Piper Cheyenne and Cessna Conquest.  The Model 200 features more powerful engines giving it increased range, speed, and payload capacity over the Model 90 and 100.  Other upgrades and modifications include increased cabin pressurization, greater wingspan, distinctive tail design, and greater fuel capacity.

Other King Air 200 modifications were developed in the 1980s including the B200 and B200C which both feature more efficient engines, with the B200C sporting a larger cargo door.  In addition to more efficient engines the B200CT variant features tip tanks as well as the expanded size cargo door. The B200SE is a ‘Special Edition’ B200 featuring an Electronic Flight Instrument System (EFIS) avionics suite.   In addition to these corporate mission variants of the King Air 200, other special mission 200s and B200s have been built for maritime patrol, exploration, US military VIP transport and electronic surveillance.  The King Air 200s that have been built for the military are designated C12.

Faster than some light jets, but with shorter takeoff and landing field requirements and lower operating costs, the King Air 200 series is a very popular jet with pilots, clients, and operators.

Technical specifications are as follows:

  • Model 200: two Pratt & Whitney PT6A41 turboprops rated at 850 shp “Shaft horsepower” or 635kW driving three bladed propellers.
  • Model B200:  two Pratt & Whitney PT6A42s rated at 850shp  “Shaft horsepower” or 635kW driving three bladed propellers.

Performance specifications are as follows:

  • Model 200 has a maximum speed of 333mph (536km/h), and rate of climb after takeoff is 2450 ft/min.  The 200 has a maximum cruising speed 320 mph (515 km/h) with a range 2021 mi (3254 km) at that speed.  At economical cruising speed, the range is 2171 mi (3495km)
  • Model B200 (later marketed as the Model 250) also has a maximum speed 333 (536km/h) and rate of climb after takeoff is 2450ft/min. However, the B200 can sustain a faster economical cruising speed of 324 mph (523km/h) thus increasing it’s range at this speed another 100 miles to 2272 mi (3658km).

Dimension specifications are as follows:

For both the Model 200 and B200, the length is 43ft 9in (13.34m), and height is 15ft (4.57 m). Wing span is 54 ft 6 in (16.6 m) and total wing area is 303 sq ft (28.2 m2).

Weight specifications are as follows:

  • Model 200: When empty but fully equipped, the weight is 7315lb (3318kg).  The maximum takeoff weight is 12,500lb (5670kg).
  • Model B200: When empty but fully equipped, the weight is 8102lb (3675kg).  The maximum takeoff weight is 12,500lb (5670kg).

Interior specifications are as follows:

Passenger cabin is 4.9 ft high, 4.9 ft wide, and 15.6 ft long. The baggage compartment area is 67 sq ft. The Model 200 series can accommodate a maximum of 13 passengers in the main cabin with an additional passenger beside the pilot.  However, more typical corporate seating offers seating for 6-8 in the main cabin allowing for other cabin furniture and amenities.

Accommodations:Beechcraft King Air B200 Executive Interior

Interior accommodations on the Beechcraft Model 200 and 200B include full lavatory, VIP or executive seating and workstations/tables.  The expanded cabin allows for many interior configurations over earlier King Air models and you can be assured that the Aut-Air fleet are only equipped with the finest executive or VIP interior accommodations and are meticulously maintained to perform executive transport with elegance, comfort, convenience, safety, and security.

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