Beechcraft King Air 100

Private Beechcraft King Air 100 Executive TransportThe Beechcraft King Air 100 is a twin turboprop light transport that was launched in 1969.   At the time, it’s predecessor, the Beechcraft King Air Model 90 series, was proving to be a highly successful and popular turboprop airplane for both military and civilian mission needs.  Developed purely for the corporate market, the King Air  100 is a stretched version of the Model 90.

The longer King Air 100 features five cabin windows instead of the three on the Model 90 and increased seating capacity for an additional 3-4 passengers.  In addition to the lengthened cabin, the engines on the Model 100 were upgraded from the Model 90 giving the larger aircraft additional payload capacity without compromising cruising speed, take-off field length, or range.   Additionally, the four-bladed propellers (instead of the three on previous King Air models) results in a significant reduction in the noise levels experienced in the cabin.

Technical specifications are as follows:

The King Air 100 is powered by two Garrett TPE331-6-252Bs rated at 715shp “Shaft horsepower”  or 533kW driving three blade propellers.

Performance specifications are as follows:

The King Air 100 has a maximum speed of 305 mph (491 km/h) and rate of climb after takeoff is 2140ft/min.   The Model 100 has a range of 1455 mi (2343 km) at maximum cruising speed and 1525 mi (2455 km) at economical cruising speed.

Dimension specifications are as follows:

Length is 39ft 11in (12.17m), and height is 15ft 5in (4.7 m). Wing span is 46 ft (14 m) and total wing area is 280 sq ft (25.9 m2).

Weight specifications are as follows:

When empty but fully equipped, the Model 100 weighs 7092lb (3212kg).  The maximum takeoff weight is 11,800lb (5352kg).

Interior specifications are as follows:

Passenger cabin is 4.8 ft high, 4.6 ft wide, and almost 17 ft long. The baggage compartment area is 62 sq ft.  Typical seating is for 8-9 passengers and two pilots.  Most corporate configurations accommodate 6-7 passengers allowing for expanded work stations, refreshment centers or other amenities.


Interior accommodations on the Beechcraft King Air 100 include lavatory, VIP or executive seating and workstations/tables.  Some interiors with fewer than 8 passenger seats may include refreshment stations, entertainment centers, and additional cabin furniture.  The expanded cabin allow for many interior configurations over earlier King Air models and you can be assured that the Aut-Air fleet are only equipped with the finest executive or VIP interior accommodations and are meticulously maintained to perform executive transport with elegance, comfort, convenience, safety, and security.

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