Executive Turboprops

Turboprop aircraft are commonly used for shorter (less than 800 mile) flights, where short-takeoff and landing capabilities, as well as fuel efficiency, are the significant travel considerations.

Turboprops’ lower operating costs and ability to access a greater number of general aviation airports (which may have runways too short to accommodate jets) – often make a turboprop aircraft the ideal travel alternative. AutAir’s fleet of executive turboprops  typically offer seating for 6 to 8 passengers, though there are larger turboprop models available, if required.

King Air 100
The King Air 100 turboprop was developed with the corporate traveler in mind. With a range over 1400 miles, it accommodates 6-7 passengers in executive style and comfort.

King Air 200
The King Air 200 offers executive seating for 6-8 with a range of over 2000 miles.  Faster than some light jets, but with shorter takeoff and landing field requirements it is a very popular jet with pilots, clients, and operators.

King Air 300
The King Air 300 is an updated version of the highly successful and popular King Air 200 series.  With increased range and speed, it can carry 6-7 passengers in executive comfort on trip legs of over 2200 miles.

King Air 350
The King Air 350i is the latest designs in the Beechcraft turboprop family. It can carry more passengers farther while using less fuel, making it the greenest airplane in its class. King Air 350i offers seating accommodations for up to 8 in executive style and comfort.

King Air Model C90
The Beechcraft Model C90 King Air turboprop accommodates 5-6 passengers in refined comfort making it an ideal aircraft for short to medium duration flights.