9 Reasons to Put Flying Private on Your Bucket List

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9 Reasons to Put Flying Private on Your Bucket List Flight delays, missed connections, long TSA lines, crowded airports, badly behaved seatmates... all the indignities and frustrations of flying commercial these days make flying private seem ever more appealing. Yes, it's still mainly the province of the rich and famous ...

Aut-Air featured on Reuters Sign in Times Square

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When an associate informed me that Aut-Air was featured on the Reuters sign in Times Square I think I replied “Oh...”.  After doing a bit of reading, I was more suitably impressed.  I thought I’d share how I got from “Oh..” to “Wow!” Times Square, New York is undeniably the ...

Top 5 Tips for Getting Thru TSA Security Quickly When You Fly

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If I had to distill into one line the essence of (what I’ve learned about) getting through TSA security checks handily, it would be this: To make your experience smooth and swift, make the TSA officers’ jobs routine and uncomplicated. Depending upon your personality or position in life, that concept ...


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Welcome to our blog, your portal for interacting with and learning more about our company. AutAir’s Luxury Transportation offers complete transportation services from ground to air and back again. Along with curb-to-curb transportation, we feature an experienced private aircraft charter team. We would be more than happy to provide you ...