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Midsize_Air_Make AutAir Your Total Transportation Solution.

AutAir Luxury Transportation wants to become your (productivity enhancing) business tool, by providing optimal “curb-to-curb” transportation service. To that end, in addition to fulfilling all of your automotive (luxury) transportation needs, AutAir’s private aircraft charter team will skillfully provide you with an optimal – mission-suited – business jet, turboprop or helicopter, at the lowest rates available on the market within – five-hours notice.

While the time saving, hassle-reducing and hedonic attributes of private aviation travel are generally well appreciated, the key differentiating factor for the AutAir client is in the extraordinarily competitive pricing of the services offered. This is accomplished without compromising the (expected) high level of service delivered.

In fact, AutAir’s private aircraft charter rates are very competitive, not only versus the fractional aircraft ownership option or other jet charter providers, but in many instances, depending on the travel destination(s), number of passengers traveling, and the type of aircraft selected, AutAir’s business jet alternative may actually be less expensive, on a per-passenger basis, than business/first class flying on commercial airlines. This money saving bonus, on top of the colossal time- saving, destination expanding & scheduling flexibility advantage, is what makes AutAir the only phone number you need for your travel planning.

To learn why AutAir’s private aviation choice should be your total travel solution, please call our dedicated AutAir transportation consultants anytime, at: (212) 925-5330 – for a prompt, obligation-free consultation. After determining the type of aircraft best suited for the assigned task, based on the information provided about the destination(s), as well as the size of the traveling party, AutAir will provide you with a prompt, all inclusive, firm price quote for the charter. All major credit cards are accepted, and there are no prepaid memberships necessary. There is no ownership required, you pay only when you fly! We are confident that for most private aviation patrons, AutAir’s offering, at the very least, is likely to be a more cost-competitive alternative, without any diminution of the quality of service. The elite business flyer, still shackled to commercial airline travel, may find in many instances, that AutAir offers a transformational experience. By replacing the ever-mounting aggravation and inconvenience of commercial airline travel, with  the flexibility, cost efficiency and time savings AutAir provides, a relaxed flight in the luxury of your “own” private aircraft, is an experience few realize they can afford!

How Can ALT Offer the Most Cost Competitive Private Aviation Service?

To be sure, AutAir’s private aviation (ultra-competitive) pricing model has evolved over the past decade. It was not available until, certain unprecedented macro-economic supply-demand dynamics within the private aircraft industry, made it possible. AutAir was able to take advantage of these technological advances and pass them on to their clientele. What the AutAir team has done, in a nutshell, is manage and exploit to the client’s advantage, the current abundance of elite private aircraft available for charter.  A technology-optimized “auction” based pricing model is used, in which pre-qualified and preselected private aircraft owners, are asked to “bid” their competitive prices for a pre-selected itinerary. In other words, this system provides an instant Request-For-Pricing (“RFP”) process, in a highly competitive free market environment, which is populated by a surplus of vendors. The proprietary technology used to power this auction, thereby utilizing the most comprehensive database, allows the AutAir-team to access more than five thousand aircraft in the United States. It provides a prompt, reliable, seamless and transparent process. You can be assured of the best price available in the desired market, at that particular time.

In order to better understand what propels the aircraft providers’ RFP response calculus, as it pertains to  the AutAir model, and why their bids result in such attractive pricing, consider that in many instances the aircraft owners’ financial objective in an underlying transaction , may be to merely defray the cost of ownership of a very expensive asset, into which the fixed costs have already been “sunk”. Consider that according to aviation industry sources, a typical private jet is flown less than 5% of the time that it is available for service. The corollary is than true; this costly asset sits idle  – while it could be available for charter, more than 95% of the time. Nevertheless, whether the aircraft is flying or sitting in the hangar, the owner has already absorbed the cost of said aircraft, as well as most other fixed expenses, such as – maintenance, insurance, storage, flight crew, etc… Therefore, the aircraft operators’ RFP response consideration, may be more reflective of their expected expense coverage (plus profit) of the “variable” cost of ownership, rather than the “all in” costs, including the fixed cost of the aircraft. Given the large fleet of available aircraft, and the existence of a very competitive market environment, the exceptional efficiency of the AutAir teams management of the RFP process, results in jet charter pricing , that is exceptionally competitive.

Additionally, the latest AutAir technology takes advantage of any available aircraft utilization-maximization during the “empty leg” portion of the flight; which could further reduce the cost of flying privately. This is possible, because AutAir may be able to match your particular travel requirements with a passenger-less private plane that is already scheduled to fly the same, or close proximity route. Suffice it to say, if AutAir can make a “match” between a “deadheading” aircraft and an opportunistic passenger(s) ;  both parties will win.

As far as safety or the quality of service is concerned, AutAir takes no shortcuts. You can rest assured that all of the AutAir-arranged aircraft are screened and preselected by Elite aircraft providers with a track record for excellence in service and the quality of their equipment.  All of the AutAir aircraft are maintained and certified under the FAA’s stringent Part 135 standard, eliminating any question of the aircraft’s safety, or level of the flight crews’ training and experience.

To make the private travel decision even easier, AutAir now offers a membership card option, providing additional advantages; i.e. discounts on certain services, as well as possible complimentary upgrades on automotive and aircraft equipment, when available.

But remember, AutAir does not require that you join any club, prior to flying with us.

The AutAir premier private jet charter air fleet consists of an array of large luxury, long-distance jets. Enjoy the amenities in a wide variety of luxurious aircraft such as a Gulfstream, Falcon or Challenger, which can accommodate up to 18 passengers. These icons of the private aviation world can travel domestically or internationally up to 6.500 nautical miles.

AutAir also offers medium-sized jet service that can accommodate up to ten passengers including the iconic Learjet, the ever practical Citation and Hawker, as well as the lovely, smaller versions of the Falcon and Gulfstream.

If your travel plans call for a relatively short business trip or a weekend getaway with family, our wide assortment of (super efficient) private air charter King Air turbo props, which can accommodate up to eight passengers, could be the right equipment selection. These wonderful private air charter planes can travel up to 750 nautical miles.

When your air transportation needs call for small jet service, which can typically seat up to eight passengers, our efficient “light” private jet service fleet is ready for you. These luxury Fleet aviation small jets have a non-stop flight-range of approximately 2000 nautical miles or less and are perfect for discriminating executive travel.

Should your travel needs ever call for a larger group, be sure to impress them with our Boeing manufactured VIP aircraft that can luxuriously accommodate 60 or more travelers.

AutAir’s Private Jet Charter Service includes:

  • AutAir – One stop, “curb-to-curb,” ground and air travel solution.
  • Safe, reliable service, obtained from the most reputable providers with immaculate service records.
  • Competitive prices, rivaling commercial travel costs.
  • Obligation-free; firm travel price quotes, no unexpected surprises.
  • Single, transparent source of billing, hassle free expense receipts.
  • Single source passenger tracking.
  • No need for prepaid membership cards.
  • More than 5000 airports available for private aircraft travel in the U.S. vs. approximately 500 for commercial airlines.
  • Huge time savings in travel, which the industry puts at more than 50% vs. commercial airline travel; even more-so when adjusted for efficiency optimization of the traveling executive’s time.
  • Avoid unnecessary Fractional Aircraft Ownership
    • Huge savings without a capital commitment on a depreciating asset.
    • Avoid monthly aircraft management fees.
    • Avoid “type of aircraft” limitations.
    • Avoid long term contracts.
  • Choose the ideal aircraft needed for specific travel plans.
  • Business or personal needs.
  • Select your optimal location and destination.
  • Aircraft “empty leg” options available – an ultra-attractive travel option.
  • Ability to arrange flights in as little as five hours.
  • Responsive to urgent needs, such as medical and other emergencies.
  • Retain full control of travel schedule, rapid changes in your travel itinerary are no longer a problem.
  • Enjoy travel-party size flexibility.
  • Baggage flexibility; No more lost luggage or waiting and commercial claims.
  • Travel and family companions fly with you, take pets on board.
  • Conducive to a productive and work-friendly environment while in flight.
  • Avoid unnecessary security lines.
  • Avoid TSA check points.
  • Avoid delays with our perfectly timed ground-to-air-to-ground travel transitions.
  • Enjoy full concierge and catering services, available on domestic and international flights.
  • Experience the ultimate pleasure and prestige of private jet charter travel.
  • It just doesn’t get any better than a custom luxury travel “flight” plan.